Progress today federating the room chat in @ImmersSpace across servers. It's powered by @activitypub , so pretty soon I'll be boosting selfies into your TL here 😁

@realcaseyrollins yeah there's a lot of context missing. Sorry! Immer Space is a federated social network for 3D and virtual reality websites - similar to Mastodon except each instance is home to a unique game or experience that you can visit. I'm part of a team that won a grant to build out the foundations of it and a fun immersive chess world

@datatitian @realcaseyrollins this is a really cool project but since you're a communist, according to your profile, I hope you fail. Don't forget who the Purges in 1918 targeted, after the Revolution. Other socialists. Also, women have a right to their own spaces, and people without uteruses aren't women, no matter how much they want to be. Now block me!
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