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@datatitian @feld So how do you acquire a billionaire dad? Asking for a friend.

@datatitian Didn't even need to read past "We started from nothing" because the second half of that story is ALWAYS THE SAME.

These kids are terrible at math.

@saramg oh hey thanks. It started off as a portmanteau of my two fields (data science + dietitian), but my path has drifted far from that. Some people read it as "data titan" so that's pretty cool I guess

@datatitian I deffo read as intended. Even without actual dietitian cred, that comes out pretty solid. :D


More than certain this article is sponsored interview paid for from PR budget of their startup, or his dad, or both, as part of a planned promotional campaign for their new business. Which kind of works, if it's even discussed on Mastodon 😃

@kravietz jokes on them, I have no idea what their business's name is


It's not in the snippets, but we're not the targets. This is the kind of bullshit you put into investor portfolios 😃

@kravietz you're right about that. Investors absolutely would rather pretend to be impressed about the buzz on Mastodon than admit they have no idea what Mastodon is


That's a potential for a startup: sell social media engagement on an isolated instance of Mastodon 😂👍

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