@Partyofreason welcome to Mastodon! Make sure to join the Bernie group by following @Bernie2020 . To share with the group, just mention @Bernie2020 in your post

@BernieOrVest @Partyofreason @Bernie2020
That's a great example of the toxic culture Twitter cultivates by blindly selecting common phrases as "trending" and then amplifying their reach to encourage others to dogpile

@datatitian @Partyofreason @bernie2020 Will it looks like we got Bernie's social media guy Hamid's attention on Twitter. Can you put in a pitch for Bernie to arrive here when you've got a few moments? twitter.com/mags_mclaugh/statu

@jessemarioneaux @datatitian @Partyofreason @bernie2020 We'll be your voice! Maybe you can help us by having Mastodon users email Bernie. info@berniesanders.com to create his own server. This will win the election for us!


@BernieOrVest @jessemarioneaux @Partyofreason @Bernie2020 nice work finding Hamid. I sent a reply, but I'm probably still shadowbanned

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