@datatitian @cwebber but what is the experience like for people using the groupserv?
@datatitian @cwebber

groupserv being short for 'group server', like your gup.pe for example.

i considered writing one that used Announces to forward (which is the only reliable way to do it, forwarding signed Creates with LDSigs only works with *some* AP servers).

but then you are seeing "foobar group boosted this post" since there is no semantic hinting for what an announce is supposed to actually mean.

@kaniini @cwebber oh I see. Yeah it's exactly that - a server that automatically creates a Group actor when you search for or tag a username and then automatically announces anything that comes through its inbox.
I also thought about inbox forwarding, but was unsure about support, so I started with announce

@datatitian @cwebber

we are working on semantic hinting through the use of JSON-LD compound typing, as this same problem exists in the relays.


although in this case we probably want a slightly different hint than the one we have devised for relays.

@kaniini @cwebber very cool! I was wondering if it would make sense for clients to infer semantics from from the actor type + activity type combination (i.e. a group's announce is really "x shared this to the group"), but explicit semantics is even better


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