Try to imagine a world where every advertisement was replaced with art celebrating you as a worker and reminding you of your power and value.

At their core, all ads are telling you that you aren't happy, but you could be if you bought something. The cumulative effect of seeing that all day every day must be devastating, but we've never known anything else

@datatitian I'd counter by saying an e-reader and noise canceling headphones work wonders. but then I am one of the privileged few with root on her Kindle so I see ads (or any of Amazon's UI) roughly literally never.

@pandentia hell yeah block those ads. Maybe a meatspace adblocker is the killer app that could finally launch

@datatitian And imagine it not all being cubist portraits of people in factory uniforms! xD

@datatitian @abs I've heard similar thoughts from my in-laws from the former DDR.

@datatitian @abs Yeah, Ostdeutschland, where skilled workers used to have a very nice life (unlike what this have today in Thüringen/Spreewald/Bayern).

@tfb @abs it was actually a another resident of the former DDR that inspired this thought! Victor Grossman mentioned the lack of ads there in and interview for Economic Update, and it was so difficult to imagine that it really stuck with me.

@datatitian @abs Grossmann is a treasure of the American and international working class.

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