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For my anarchist friends, request for readings 

Hey y'all! I'm teaching a class on LE Guin and we're reading The Dispossessed. I want to give them a little bit of an anarchist primer to get them oriented in the novel.

Where do I even start? I want something accessible but not simplistic. Since Le Guin was influenced by Kropotkin, I've thought about having them read some of his work, but I've never read any myself.

Any recs for young, burgeoning anarchists?

@mako However,.. the open source and proprietary, extractive software world is only aping the more base practices of collaboration - not peer production, but crowdsourcing. Even Local Motors distinguishes themselves from Amazon Mechanical Turk and its ilk. (Handy diagram by Benkler)

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Closing , @mako cites a paper about the growth of collaborative consumption out of the commons and into the market. The “cultural subsidy” of wanting to improve open things we need for ourselves is still reliable... but, exploitable? Code of Conduct Development 

Hey peeps; we'll be hopping on the code of conduct development call in a few minutes (11am eastern). Join the Policies/Moderation Working Group if you want to be involved in this process!

PS if you feel underrepresented on this list or in the co-op movement, or if you’re putting extra hard word into something meaningful and on the margins, please speak up! And if you know someone who ought to be heard, please invite them to share. Our future has many horizons, and some voices tend to get left out. I’m hoping to change this, at least a bit! 🐿

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Dear friendstadons,

For the next issue of STIR Magazine, I’m writing an analysis of where the cooperative movement is going.

Please answer the two questions in this form and I’ll share what comes of it.

Thank you! 🌈✨

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