Hey, friends. Let's challenge our assumptions about equity and tech. Come a gathering in Oakland on May 2, "Users, Workers, Onwers!" @ntnsndr and @niloufar will be speaking, too!
RSVP at eventbrite.com/e/users-workers
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@mako However,.. the open source and proprietary, extractive software world is only aping the more base practices of collaboration - not peer production, but crowdsourcing. Even Local Motors distinguishes themselves from Amazon Mechanical Turk and its ilk. (Handy diagram by Benkler) social.coop/media/mizrtUD-FaNP

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Closing , @mako cites a paper about the growth of collaborative consumption out of the commons and into the market. The “cultural subsidy” of wanting to improve open things we need for ourselves is still reliable... but, exploitable? social.coop/media/rQxRduGGD5G6 social.coop/media/NRJZ6xDbGFXG social.coop/media/YS_YQ7UKpmc7


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