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London Wobblies on the picket line this morning! Plenty of support from the public and we know we're gonna win! Come on KHP Coffee
pay up! #iww #solidarity

Image description: A "banner" split in half. onse side has a white background, the other a light purple one with lighter shades. On the latter, there is the logo of a library which is an open book with flames coming out of it,all in bold black. On the rest of the "banner", you can find the same info shared in the post above.

Touchpaper Anarchist Library Now Open!

385 Queens Road
New Cross
SE14 5HD

From now on open every week:
Tuesday 4pm to 9pm,
Sunday 2pm to 7pm

Hey #followerpower

Next week we have some screenings around #Berlin. We have a few days in between screenings and we are looking for a sleeping place for two nights (14th and 15th September).

We will be two people and one elderly dog. One of us is chronically sick and noise sensitive so its important for us to have a quiet and calm room.

So far we haven't found anything, and we can't afford to book something. Our other option would be to sleep in the car or tent somewhere a bit outside the city, so if anyone has experience with wild camping around Berlin this could also be interesting for us.

Maybe someone can help? We would be very grateful. Send us a DM.

We helped another union get online!

Another @coopcloud based setup. They're experimenting with Discourse and Nextcloud atm.

Bosses beware! :blobcatfingerguns:

No more Prime Ministers. Society has moved past the need for Prime Ministers.

Dalston Solidarity Cafe is a space that connects a diversity of collectives, realities and individuals who by sharing their knowledge and experience will be able to offer a range of mutualistic practices. These can help the community to improve our condition and happiness, beyond the “survival mode” today’s society forces us to be in.

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Workshop - Come and hear from Don't Pay Lewisham about the campaign for a non-payment strike of energy bills starting in October 1st.


Film screening!

We ask everyone attending to be respectful of others.

We won’t tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and any other discriminatory behaviour.

Be mindful of others when taking photographs. Photographs should not contain photos of people without their consent. If necessary, identifiable features should be blurred.

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Join us next SATURDAY 10th of SEPTEMBER for another Cafe between 2 and 8pm at Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre (33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF).

The space is wheelchair accessible (through the Tyssen Street entrance)!

from 2pm onwards:

Free food & drinks (pay-what-you-can).

Infoshop: zines, stickers & more

Free binders donated by Gender Swap

Bring board games, colours, games, crafts and anything you'd like to share

Somos CyberCirujas. Trabajamos a pulmón para reciclar computadoras que otros descartan, ponerlas en funcionamiento y entregárselas a quienes las necesitan. Buscamos ayudar a cerrar la brecha digital, pero a la vez generando conciencia del uso de la tecnología libre del yugo de las corporaciones dominantes.

Conocé nuestro manifiesto aquí:

Ingresá a nuestro foro en:

[it] Frantz Fanon 

Presentata nella sua nudità, la decolonizzazione lascia trapelare, per tutti i pori, pallottole infuocate, coltelli insanguinati. Poiché se gli ultimi devono essere i primi, ciò non può essere che in seguito a uno scontro decisivo e micidiale dei due protagonisti.

We're raising funds to support the legal costs for our siblings and comrades kidnapped by the police because guilty of solidarity towards unlawfully targeted migrants.

You can donate here:

And can check our older post to know more about it:


Hi fediverse, we're a housing rights and climate justice activist collective based in Karachi, Pakistan. 👋

For the last two years, we've been working in demolition affected areas along the two largest stormwater drains in Karachi, where 7000+ homes were demolished without due process under the aegis of making Karachi more resilient to floods.

We have also organised against Bahria Town and Malir Expressway, two projects which have displaced indigenous people and destroyed the vulnerable ecology of Karachi's greenest areas, all to facilitate the profits of real estate developers and residents of the city's posh areas.

You can find more of our work on the birdsite[1] and on our website[2] (which we hope to populate with more content soon).

We've joined the fediverse to extend our praxis to the digital spaces we inhabit and to resist the monoculture of surveillance capitalist social media.


Alison Macrina recently ran a workshop on information security for reproductive health. You can find the slides here:

In celebration of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, join us for a day of creative resistance, including: art, music and talks.

Food and drink will be given away for suggested donations at popular prices.

Throughout the day, we'll be selling tickets for a raffle.

The money raised will go to support the Dalston arrestees in covering fines and legal costs.

WHERE: Halkevi (33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF)
WHEN: Saturday 27th August, 2pm till late

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Please help us build our list of trans-friendly GPs in Ireland by sending us the details of any GP who will order blood tests for trans people who are self medicating. Details in thread 🧵

Find a GP webpage:

Great turnout in Belfast for @CWUnews picket. Lots of people showing up to support (and even some bringing cake!)

Posties are united - the bosses should be terrified ✊

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