Join us next SATURDAY 10th of SEPTEMBER for another Cafe between 2 and 8pm at Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre (33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF).

The space is wheelchair accessible (through the Tyssen Street entrance)!

from 2pm onwards:

Free food & drinks (pay-what-you-can).

Infoshop: zines, stickers & more

Free binders donated by Gender Swap

Bring board games, colours, games, crafts and anything you'd like to share



Workshop - Come and hear from Don't Pay Lewisham about the campaign for a non-payment strike of energy bills starting in October 1st.


Film screening!

We ask everyone attending to be respectful of others.

We won’t tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and any other discriminatory behaviour.

Be mindful of others when taking photographs. Photographs should not contain photos of people without their consent. If necessary, identifiable features should be blurred.

Dalston Solidarity Cafe is a space that connects a diversity of collectives, realities and individuals who by sharing their knowledge and experience will be able to offer a range of mutualistic practices. These can help the community to improve our condition and happiness, beyond the “survival mode” today’s society forces us to be in.

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