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I'm presenting with @mayel2b about this morning at . Here's the slides we're using:

Whether or not you're here in Barcelona, please free to ask questions (English/Spanish) as replies to this toot and we'll get back to you!

Video by EFF, featuring @mala and Julia Reda, to discuss the and proposals and what we can do to stop them:
"Vote will most likely be 4th of July"

Just arrived in Barcelona, where I'll be until Friday evening. Here for the MoodleMoot, but may have some downtime if anyone's around in the Eixample area or thereabouts.

This book is such bollocks. I didn't like Ferguson when studying History at post-grad level at uni, I don't like him now.

One of his main contentions is that hierarchies are just a special form of network. This is only true if you fail to talk about power and subjugation, which he's (just) manage to skirt during the first half of the book.

I also don't like the way he puts forward his own opinions by quoting historical figures of dubious moral character. Silicon Valley types will lap this up.

Draft: How to implement a basic ActivityPub server

I guess if someone could give it a test run and tell me if they're struggling with something before I publish, would be great

@wion @remotenemesis well, I think there is a need for a place where people can post a long article without having a blog of their own. In as far as Medium was able to provide that, I liked it. But everything else on top of that was unnecessary. This BoingBoing post lists a few alternatives I like.
Brutalist blogging platforms!!

Messing about with @disroot and impressed enough within 30 mins to have backed them on Patreon. Will up that to the $15/month amount if I shift over my personal email from Kolab.

Delighted to have found this in an Oxfam bookshop today! It's a follow-up to Morgan's classic 'Images of Organization' which talks about the importance of metaphor use in management and leadership.

Recommendations for a NextCloud host? It will just be me and one other person using it at first, and unlikely to scale to more than 10 people.

There's a list of providers here:

(I know and trust Web Architects - who else is good and based in the EU?)

This writeup of my keynote on BoingBoing is more eloquent and concise than the talk. Thanks to Cory for the awesome summary, reflections, and signal boost!

I'm really enjoying the microcasts by @dajbelshaw ...even if the microcasts are pulling me away from my Linux From Scratch project. 😀

I highly recommend subscribing to Doug's weekly email summary of his blog, Thought Shrapnel, if you're in the learning profession.

I'm opting out our family from this bollocks, given that the NHS has already been sharing patient information with Google Deepmind, etc.