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The University of Edinburgh are doing a short, self-paced online course on Co-operative Economics focusing on /s.

I presume we might have some interested people here?... :)

Let me know if it's any good!

Yo admins! In preparation for a better sign-up wizard, directory now lets you set a category for your instance, in the admin area.

The categories are: art, music, books, activism, sports, games, tech, academia. It's ok to not have a category, too, like for example is just a general purpose instance. But if yours is themed, you better categorize it.

If you think a crucial category is missing, tag @TheKinrar

How do non co-op instances support themselves?

Just got a message on Twitter that I've had an account on there for eleven years. Wow.

Do I know anyone on Mastodon who lives in Perth, Australia? There (and in Mandurah) this week.

you missed this week's newsletter, maybe, here's a link. But also, just sign up because I am too lazy to share these doodads everytime.

Terminates Service to Sci-Hub Domain Names

The CDN provider was compelled to take this action in response to a permanent injunction the American Chemical Society obtained late last year. While Cloudflare previously objected to a similar request, there is no sign of protest this time around.

The site is currently still available.

Excited to find potential examples etherium enabling decentralized skill based economy ; ethlancer, steemit , etc. if existing qualification framework like e-CF can be incorporated it would be really nice.