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@wion @remotenemesis well, I think there is a need for a place where people can post a long article without having a blog of their own. In as far as Medium was able to provide that, I liked it. But everything else on top of that was unnecessary. This BoingBoing post lists a few alternatives I like.
Brutalist blogging platforms!!

Messing about with @disroot and impressed enough within 30 mins to have backed them on Patreon. Will up that to the $15/month amount if I shift over my personal email from Kolab.

Delighted to have found this in an Oxfam bookshop today! It's a follow-up to Morgan's classic 'Images of Organization' which talks about the importance of metaphor use in management and leadership.

@Matt_Noyes Will do. The differentiator is the hosting provider given the software is the same. I've got some boring reading to do, but in the meantime just set up a free Disroot account via my phone 😃

Recommendations for a NextCloud host? It will just be me and one other person using it at first, and unlikely to scale to more than 10 people.

There's a list of providers here:

(I know and trust Web Architects - who else is good and based in the EU?)

@asimong Some would say blockchain, I would say trust. If someone (or some group of people) *really* want to abuse their position of power, they'll find a way.

This writeup of my keynote on BoingBoing is more eloquent and concise than the talk. Thanks to Cory for the awesome summary, reflections, and signal boost!

@Antanicus On the plus side, it covers the camera when not in use!

@gdorn No, I was surprised too. But I just went through every single app. There's not that many ;)

@ers0 Thanks Eduardo! That means a lot, especially when I'm considering whether to continue with them 👍

I'm really enjoying the microcasts by @dajbelshaw ...even if the microcasts are pulling me away from my Linux From Scratch project. 😀

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