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Apparently I was delusional when I thought I might find some time this summer to work on my websites and get book-reading in. What was I thinking‽ (Hoping, I guess.)

Nevertheless, I found a great indie bookstore in Mulhouse, The Corner Bookstore, which sells mostly books in English, and I plan to support them as much as possible, because fuck Amazon!

Yesterday I put in an order for Kingsnorth's, The Wake, and the proprietress seemed pleased.

I should point out that finding an English language bookstore in France outside of Paris is not easy. Usually there's just a token English language section with a piddly offer of the latest crime novel paperbacks for beach reading. The Corner Bookstore is the real deal.

I found some interest titles there to add to my read list:

By "Anonymous"
- The Eye of the Moon
- The Devil's Graveyard

Sarah Bakewell
How To Live (Montaigne essays)

Andrew Taylor
The Ashes of London

John Haywood
North Men

Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

@wion The Sarah Bakewell book is fantastic. You should also read her most recent one 'At the Existentialist Cafe' :)