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Have spent most of the morning trying to get icloud to give me the files back that I uploaded when I was using a mac for work. I'm still sticking weith an Apple phone as I trust them with my privacy over Google, but am grateful to be back on linux and in charge of my maion computing again.

(I know I don't have to use Google or Apple, but the phone experience I want means I will be using one or the other)


That's the way I see it too. There's some attractive options for Linux now with computing, but there's just not the same, feasible options for phones.

I was disappointed when Mozilla and Ubunto both dropped their phone projects. Even Jolla seems to be having a hard time making an impression.


I was rooting for the firefox OS phone. I had an early version and thought it had potential, but sadly was going to be too big a project to make any decent market headway I think. Would definitely jump ship if a solid free and open competitor emerges, but I'm happy enough with the iPhone SE (and Apple's stance on personal data and privacy).

Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

@nigeldgreen @wion Interesting. I worked for Mozilla and had several FFOS devices. I was sad it didn't make headway.

I'm surprised with you going for an iPhone when you're an open advocate. I've just got a OnePlus 5 and couldn't be happier.

@dajbelshaw @wion

It's the privacy more than the open when it comes to my phone. I trust Apple with my data more than Google, but I admit it doesn't sit completely comfortable with me.

I don't have any Google or Apple services on my laptop, and that's where I do >90% of my computing still.