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Instead of using Mastodon as a place to push out 'news' and articles that I come across that I find interesting, I'm doing that in a broadcast-only space:

It's the 'live' version of my weekly newsletter - i.e. I blast out links when I come across them, and then curate a subset of them in an email that goes out every Sunday:

what do you like at using proprietary software hosted through a central server solution?
...until noboday told me they like it, but everyone keeps on promoting it.

@dajbelshaw did they just changed it? Cause they started with only making the client opensource. Sever side is/was proprietary. you basicly don't know what's happening with your data, and you even can't look it up.
also it gives telegram the power if cencorship as happend a couple of times already.

@paulfree14 Do you have a list of stuff you use? I'd genuinely love to see it, as I spend my life being shouted at by:

a) Purists (like yourself)
b) Pragmatists (who just want stuff to work)

I'm kind of stuck in the middle...

and nope I don't have a list. But I thought already a couple of times doing it.
So I guess I should.
But there are also already great webpages like prismbreak and

Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

@paulfree14 Yes of course, I've tried those. But if the option is 'work with people' or 'be an island unto myself', I'll choose the former every time.

"We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works." (Douglas Adams)

well if more ppl who care about free and open culture would say, choose something else or I'm out there wouldn't be a island problem.
(have high resistance in myself being an oportunist)