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@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Interesting to hear you’re using Path. I tried it out a few years back, as an alternative to Facebook. Didn’t know many users, so deleted it. I looked at it again about a year ago, but at first glance the privacy and data protection looked similar to the more dubious side of Facebook. Has the privacy aspect improved, or is it a price worth paying which isn’t worth paying in Facebook?

Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

@TheWayneGibbons @daibarnes Well, I pay for Path to get rid of the adverts (and get extra virtual stickers!) which you can't do with Facebook :)

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes That's a big plus, to be fair. I installed it last night for another look, and did a contact/twitter search to see who I knew on there. Turned out I only have two registered on Path: my wife and you. And I'm fairly sure Niamh is only still on their books from the time I tried it out a few years back, she's not an active user.

@TheWayneGibbons @daibarnes ...and I don't accept friend requests on Path from anyone outside my close family ;)

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes I figured, so I didn't request to connect. I deleted the app again. I still think it looks and functions well, but it's like anything in this area: it only really becomes valuable when there are people on it. I can see it being useful if you have buy-in from most of the family.

@dajbelshaw @TheWayneGibbons @daibarnes I made a Path account, but since I only intended to use it with close family & friends I ended up not using it at all. Inertia's a powerful thing.