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Episode 89: Hijacking Minds

This week, Doug and Dai discuss barefoot walking, rubber duck debugging, lessons from the artists, the other side of innovation, how our minds can be hijacked by social media, and more!

@dajbelshaw I went to - never listened, but want to try it - and could not find an RSS feed. Turns out, it is right there in the source.
Consider putting a link on the (visible) page.
Unless it is a filter for less technical people, of course...

@mjjzf Less technical people actually listen via Soundcloud, but I take your point! It's a hobby podcast that happens to talk about the stuff we do professionally, so website configuration often drops to the bottom of the to-do list.

We'll get it sorted! I've bumped it on the Trello board...

@dajbelshaw I know exactly what you are saying. Just a heads-up.

Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

@mjjzf OK, no time like the present - have a look now and you should see RSS feed on the right-hand side:

(you should also be able to search for 'Today In Digital Education' in most podcast apps)

@dajbelshaw Looks great. Very good with the search name - I searched for 'TIDE podcast' in Doggcatcher and got roundly a billion podcasts... so, good point.