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Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

This post by John Gruber (citing Dave Winer) about why Facebook is so problematic, is great:

@dajbelshaw @xj9 #mastodon rivals #twitter but how to rival #facebook (but #p2p )?
Would an effective way be for everyone to host their own website (referred to near their handle)

It could even have a standard #opensource #wireframe page layout

You could share content links in your post

What are the drawbacks of this approach anyone?

@xj9 sorry was slack to say #p2p What I mean: Mastodon is doing the hard work putting distributed network in place. Could we piggyback a #Facebook alternative on the back?
@Antanicus how hard would it be to make a simple UNIFORM
webpage framework (just like MySpace, Facebook) that people could use that could either be hosted on same server as account / by your #coop / on your own webpage? This could hyperlink out to/from users/posts

@xj9 @dajbelshaw @Antanicus nice one- that would do the trick.

I guess it would be pretty easy to make a universal template that people could use
to link it in to Mastodon?

Is it a feasible idea? Would it catch on?

@NOiDEa @xj9 @dajbelshaw I believe there's a big question that should be asked before anything else: is there a real need for such a "universal template"? If you don't answer this question first, there's a very high chance anything you do will make things more complicated without adding any actual value

@xj9 @dajbelshaw @Antanicus power of the few over the many will never change until the means or propaganda is in the hands of the many. Distributed social media a great possibility then?
So although everyone could have a customised website that feeds in like:
Would it be worth having template to make it as user friendly as possible to encourage mass adoption? Though DIY websites would be good to make people more proactively empowered?

@xj9 @dajbelshaw @Antanicus I should say it goes without saying that a 'universal template' I meant as offered as a voluntary service -not a dictation to be forced on people!

@dajbelshaw I thought I'd managed to leave Dave Winer behind. And he's started turning up again in my streams.

Still wrong though! Still ignoring prior art and still upsetting people. ;)

@jbond There's always someone wrong on the internet. ;

@dajbelshaw Organizing Pokémon Go Meetups is the only reason I'm so active on that awful site.