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Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

Just finished reading Adam Greenfield's mesmerising book 'Radical Technologies'.

Here, at the end, buried beneath the Acknowledgements section, is a list of music he listened to while composing it.

(I once did something similar in quite a serious report, but put it at the *start*)

And yes, that's an open source e-reader before someone chastises me...

@dajbelshaw Ooh nice. The best I do is crediting for being the platform I listened to for important chunks of _Everything for Everyone_.

Interesting ereader! For a while I loved the Sony pre-wifi Reader for its basic simplicity and non-commercialism. But now I just use a tablet running LineageOS and FBReader.

What software does the Cervantes run? seems to have given up on ereaders…

@ntnsndr @dajbelshaw at first I wondered if you meant but then I realised you meant code when I did a quick search and found this