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Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ @dajbelshaw

Hey all, I guess now is a good time to annouce that I'm delighted to be working with @mayel on the project. He's joining Moodle on a six-month Technical Architect contract.

You may see some toots from us referencing a design sprint in London this week for the project. We're partnering with Outlandish, a worker-owed tech , for that 👍

More about the project:

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@dajbelshaw @mayel Nice! Sounds like a great project and a great team. 😃

@dajbelshaw @mayel I used it a lot ~2004-2009. I got paypal to work and with a guy in columbia added pdf certificates. I had a national con-ed site for some health care types. Actually, the only site.
Coding exams and creating pdf's is how I randomly have knowledge about e.g. strabismus or age-related macular degeneration or ... ;-)