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@Ghost Right, so they're recommending the Ioniq 5 which is the new model. I need to figure out the differences (other than looks!) to the previous Ioniq which sounds like it's just been discontinued.

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@Ghost Oh awesome, could I trouble you for a link, please? 🙂

@rogbeer Lovely! I should imagine it's native to China, but it also grows up lots of very old houses in England 😄

Car chat 

Looking at potentially (business) leasing a fully-electric Hyundai Ioniq...

Anyone got one? Thoughts? 🤔

There are waves in the
air that are invisible
to the naked eye

@athairbirb It does, to be fair. Just I had no real context and it was an 'exterior feature' 😅

Looking at potentially buying a new car and was wondering what 'aquablades' are.

Then I realised.

Volvo's answer to... windscreen wipers


@EU_Commission You're pointing downwards to nothing, presumably because you're auto-crossposting from Twitter?

Additionally, framing this as somehow a problem to do with workers instead of companies wanting infinitely flexible workers without paying appropriate salaries, is quite ridiculous.

I've had a week off running and drinking alcohol to see what effect it would have on my Heaet Rate Variability.

(Garmin measures 'stress' as the inverse of HRV - i.e. lower recorded stress levels are due to higher measured HRV.)

Looking forward to a gentle 5k tomorrow (and perhaps a whisky after my MRI scan!)

@evonity Yeah, it blow my mind that some people think they've managed to achieve things without the whole of society making that possible

@gidorah Oh, you're poor? Have you tried being rich?


I'm furious, and I don't usually let the Tories get to me. I grew up in a pretty rough area, so these statistics have faces.

For example, I reshared this on LinkedIn the other day, and it seemed like everyone who was telling me that it was "impossible" in places other than a "homogenous" society such as Finland was... American? Or went to private school themselves?

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This is from Dan Hon's newsletter. He's British, living in the US.

This analogy of Americans treating Disneyland as a magical place where there's infrastructure and drinkable water resonates really hard for me.

I shouldn't laugh too much, as the UK is currently headed in this direction. However, I do have a hard time in explaining to a *lot* of Americans that over in Europe there's an approach which isn't rampant individualism.

@gemlog I quit a job because my boss (the CEO) was an ALM kinda guy. Couldn't see what the problem was, said he was "being inclusive" - and therein likes the problem.

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