This is from Dan Hon's newsletter. He's British, living in the US.

This analogy of Americans treating Disneyland as a magical place where there's infrastructure and drinkable water resonates really hard for me.

I shouldn't laugh too much, as the UK is currently headed in this direction. However, I do have a hard time in explaining to a *lot* of Americans that over in Europe there's an approach which isn't rampant individualism.

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We're absolutely fucked economically, but at least this front page, with it's headline and call to rethink* the monarchy gives me some hope...


Off to work in a coffee shop this afternoon. With my laptop, it's always easy for people to find where I am 😂

I've written a post about how to help with v0.1 of a code of conduct for before I open it up for initial testing

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Front page of The Mirror today. Not a newspaper I read, but couldn't agree more with the sentiment.

Instead of nationalising them for the national benefit, Truss will apparently announce government loans to energy suppliers so they can lower bills to customers. Ideological nonsense.

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We went to Lane7 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne today for bowling, table-tennis, arcades, and food/drink. Love the vibe!

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