Is there a Fediverse version of Strava?

(fitness social network app)

🏃 🚴 🏊 Wondering if there's enough people interested in a fitness-tracking Fediverse instance to explore setting one up?

(reason being that Strava is £££ and centralised, and also non-runners/cyclists/swimmers might get annoyed with daily spamming of the regular timeline...)


Thanks for all of the great replies! I wrote a post and would love answers / suggestions / comments on the questions at the end!

(please boost for reach!)

@dajb would love to have a chat about this! I'm on board for prototyping. Dunno if you've checked out Komoot yet. Big in Germany, and i use both komoot and Strava for different reasons.

@dajb That’s super interesting! I might want to do this, and might be interested in helping.

@dajb I'm interested. I'd like to see skating there though I have no coding skills (but willing to learn) and I could help with translation to Spanish

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