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It seems like the only genre of film I watch these days are short films, with no dialogue, that have a soundtrack that consists of a single song from an EDM artist.

I finally remembered the name of a song my silly thread caused me to start repeating in my head. Pete Miser's "Scent of a Robot". Warning: some use of f-bombs, if that is a concern:

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I mean, how would I know? I could be programmed not to know I am a robot... There's some deep philosophical questions behind that checkbox...

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I'm not the only that hesitates for a moment before checking the box for "I am not a robot", am I?

Esteemed Followers,

I forgot if you are more into the federated social web or tinkering on websites, so:
Why not both?

Social CG meeting 16:00 UTC

IndieWebCamp East SAT/SUN

FLOSS quality and UX 

I think the discourse around the UX and quality of FLOSS sometimes misses something important. Software is not a free market of individual choice. Most of us are not making choices about the software we use. In the vast majority of cases, the choices are either being made for us or we are being strongly coerced in various ways. While improving FLOSS UX is important, improving UX won't generally move the needle on whether an end user will "choose" it. Other factors dominate.

Your periodic reminder that you can pay $89 a month to license music from Magnatune's library.

And you can pay a one-time fee of $299 for non-commercial access.

I say this because apparently the RIAA et al are treating music like a weapons-grade munition and are cracking down on unauthorized usage in the streaming era.

#music #twitch #ccmusic

Corker of a line from

“And the story of computation has been about the evolution of this very novel and peculiar form of human expression we call code. I suspect being a programmer in the 21st century must be like what being a royal scribe was like in Ancient Egypt in 3200 BCE. There’s this new modality of communication that most of the population is unaware of, yet it’s existence simultaneously enables commerce, culture and civilization to flourish.”

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Oregon exploding whale.

The Oregon Historical Society has realized the importance of this historical event and released a HD REMASTERED version of the video, taken from the original 16mm film!!!!

I found a Danish TV show that doesn’t have English . I really want to share it with English-speaking friends. Is there any way to put my own subtitles over the existing video? Would be grateful for any suggestions.

Today at noon ET I'll be leading a webinar with my colleague Johanna Bates on the topic of Consentful UX - which we see as an antidote to the coercive, invasive design patterns we see so often on the web.

It's free to attend. Here are the details

tech help 

I want to keep an offline copy of a bunch of developer docs and reference PDFs on my home server and make it searchable.

Not sure where to look for a solution to this. I really don't think a full blown search engine and crawler makes sense for local files.

but most of the 'local'/'desktop' file search services (like baloo) don't have any sort of remote API AFAICT.

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