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Nobody tells you that professional software engineering is 98% figuring out make your build and tooling work, and 2% actually designing and writing code.

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I guess I don't have to worry given I don't plan to upload anything new to flickr in the future and all of my photos are CC:BY-SA:

The world could use more wholesome math memes.

Product recommendations for an outdoor Wi-Fi antenna/repeater? It needs to be able to reach four buildings in a 300-foot radius from the building with Internet line installed.

Harvard’s Library Innovation Lab has finished digitizing 360 years of American case law, and starting today is providing access to 6.4 million legal cases via an API and bulk download

Mr. Rogers could have lifted Thor's hammer, but instead would rather help you do it. #Showerthoughts

Ridiculously long brown out leading to a power outage. Time to get ready for work in the dark...

Maybe computers were better when they were fellow human beings. 🤔

Well, damn. The Free Music Archive is going down. They will be up for at least a few more days, and are archiving with the Internet Archive. :cc:

#CreativeCommons #music #archiving #CulturalLoss

Suddenly pondering whether tracking my todo list in fossil is a reasonable thing to do, or just too danged geeky... I could see it being useful for documenting those tasks that don't go as planned (e.g. every #$%&* house project).

we all know that neither a good idea nor good execution is sufficient on its own to make something good. but the even worse truth that nobody wants to hear is that theyre not even sufficient in combination

Tired: single sign-on
Wired: single sign-off

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