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Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card

I'm impressed with the concept of the Turris MOX openosource router (also their campaign video is pretty good):

The Restaurant Industry Ran A Private Poll On the Minimum Wage. It Did Not Go Well For Them.

The restaurant industry's own internal survey found huge support for raising the minimum wage, even if it meant a higher check.

The WHY in why Facebook (YouTube, Snap, Twitter, Et. al) are bad is so much more than their data policies or advertising it's that their entire existence is predicated on a LIE.

A lie so pervasive that almost the entire wold believes it.

That there service is "free" and that our contributions are not valuable.

When in fact there is nothing more invaluable than our time and attention, of which we are each given only a finite amount to spend.

Has anyone seen an implementation of “non-web embeddings”?

I’m interested in executing wasm outside of a browser.

Hi all! As we're about to finalize our code of conduct development phase, we'd much appreciate it if you could share examples of CoC documents you particularly like with us. Just reply to this toot!

Boosts are very appreciated :)

I suddenly realized that combining something like Jupyter Notebooks with a wiki would be a powerful thing to have. At least I know I would find it useful in my work.

Everyone is dunking on the Goldman Sachs curing-you-cuts-into-my-profits take, which is good.

Worth remembering, though: nearly all of us have been reared to believe some version of the same thing. Every day we make some move, judgment, or decision which says, "If this person or thing makes no money, it's has no inherent worth, in any way."

It takes conscious reminders, maybe even a damn mantra, to counteract this message which is all around us like air and sky.

Happy one year anniversary to ! Big thanks to all those who made the original Medium article happen ( that brought a lot of people to this instance. Proud of what we're building together. :)

A little lunch time web searching revealed Guido's take on the history of integer division in Python:

Whoa. I didn't realize Python's integer division rounds down towards negative infinity and not towards zero.

>>> -1//2


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Relatedly, those working in tech may find this interview in (a democratic magazine) useful. It gives some background on the unionizing efforts at (which resulted in mass firings and a labor dispute) & ideas/links that may be helpful for those hoping to mobilize tech co-workers: My new @lwnnet article about

covers why a #newpypi codebase is necessary, what's new, what features are going away, and what to expect in the near future.

"Does The Internet Route Around Damage in 2018?"

The #RIPE NCC has studied the #DECIX outage caused by the power failure at Interxion FRA5.

Hello fediverse! This account will toot a few stories a week that are examples of solutions-focused journalism: how people are working to address inequality, prejudice, and exploitative economic systems. Want to help curate stories? Send a private message, either to this account or to @eloquence.

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Free as in Facebook.

Referring to any service offered without charge in exchange for behavioral tracking, ongoing surveillance, or other monitoring and sale of any such information to third parties.

There was a (well, several) power outages last night at Interxion #FRA5. This took out the #DE-CIX Internet Exchange. #Networking peeps have been sharing a bunch of fun memes:

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