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Wooh! I finally finished the blog post. This one was orignally about federated platforms, but I ended up shifting it into something else. Here it is:

Please read through it, criticize it, and let me know your thoughts. And more importantly, please boost it so we can get more people involved :)

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Hey #librarians, #librarystudents, #archivists #curators ... the GLAMMrus (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Memory Institutions, and Records Managers) instance is open to registration and tooting! we are!

More about us here:

We really want to welcome all kinds of folks working in this general area for professional and ordinary convos! Public, academic, big, small... students, techy types, reference wizes, circ workers come on over!

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Neat article about Instruction-Set-Architectures for CPUs and how they have evolved over many decades of work and design.

Learned from gitlab#4013[0] that Pagure has . That's pretty cool!

That's a minimally working first step toward federated pull requests. And github at this point can't even (or I can't even with github) create a pull request from a repo on github that wasn't github-forked from the repo you want to create the request on.

As in, I cloned a project repo and pushed to my user repo, and then I couldn't create a pull request to the project repo. Your repo has to be in the drop-down (or if originating from your repo, the target repo has to be in the drop-down) and that won't happen unless github knows about their relation.


In my pre-teens I used to dream about escaping into a world of pure software. Because we could 'do everything over, and do it right'. Make a world without pain, fear, death. This was without even reading any of the cyberpunk writers.

But now I know that we wouldn't do it right. Because we had the chance, and we didn't.

What we put into computers is what's in our heads and our hearts, and those contain... things we need to work on.

"Cloudflare claims it will be “the Internet’s fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service.” While OpenDNS and Google DNS both exist, is focusing heavily on the privacy aspect of its own DNS service with a promise to wipe all logs of queries within 24 hours."


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The true danger is losing the future developers. Or rather never reaching them in the first place. Especially since Windows comes on pretty much every non-Mac computer sold.

I grok the true danger of the Windows Subsystem for "Linux" after seeing this comment:

"Ive been learning to code for over a year now, being able to use Linux Subsystem to run my rails server/postgresql in a little bash window, then using all my fav windows tools and OS to do the actual programming has beed a god send. So easy to set up, dont have to worry about dual boots and means I dont have to install lots of clogging apps on my windows PC. This has made me so happy"

I've been so busy helping build other people's dreams, I barely have time to keep up with what is happening in my local instance. Boosts are about all that I can manage at this point. In case I fall off the face of the earth completely, I just want to say you all are very lovely people. Thank you for letting me hang out and watch all the interesting conversations flow by when I can.

"Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin"

Not only a comment on the stupidity of Brexit, but why we also should not be building our decentralized systems upon the quicksand-foundation of DNS

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