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Really nice article by @ntnsndr on the possibilities of coops in the digital space (and what they’re already achieving).

Quality rather than unnecessary growth; data privacy; federation rather than centralization; harnessing ideas like blockchain for trust; and funding new ventures through cooperative means. Exciting times. (h/t @Matt_Noyes)

@nev to the tune of Dolly Parton's "Jolene"

John Deere, John Deere, John Deere,
I'm begging of you please don't take my machine
John Deere, John Deere, John Deere,
Please don't take it just because you can

Your Hardware is beyond compare,
But your software just isn't fair
Your IP is killin' me I fear

Your tractors are quite the thing
But gettin' spares is a wallet pain
No-one can compete with you John Deere....

“It’s almost as if the ubiquitous surveillance of people’s every move on the web wasn’t a very good idea in the first place.”
#GDPR #google #privacy

"In the news people in other cultures seem stranger than they are.
We visited 264 families in 50 countries and collected 30,000 photos. We sorted the homes by income, from left to right."
What do you think where on the dollar street you are?!

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If you form an exclusive club around how people walk, are you gaitkeeping?

jesus 😲 what an American story.

Lottery winner dies weeks after cashing in $1 million scratch-off ticket
'..."I'm probably going to go get a new truck and I don't know probably go on vacation," Savastano said.
The plans also included a trip to the doctor, because he couldn't afford to go previously.
"He was self-employed," said Danielle Scott, who works at the store where he bought the winning ticket. "He didn't have insurance, he hadn't been feeling good for a while, I guess, and when he got the money he went into the doctor."

The news wasn't good. He learned he had stage four cancer...'

The punk rock internet – how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants

Today, in The Guardian:

“I got into the web because I liked the democracy of it,” says Kalbag, who has just published a book titled Accessibility for Everyone… “I want to be able to be in a society where I have control over my information, and other people do as well … I think we have to have technology that serves everybody – not just rich, straight, white guys.”

You can have a pick-and-place on your desktop for under $3k:

I’m nowhere near needing this but it’s so cool to know it exists if I’m ever ready.

More begging: does anyone know a way to get the list of default-installed packages for Fedora and openSUSE (desktop versions)?

Ubuntu publishes that on the web intentionally; I haven't found a way to determine it for most other large distros....

Anyone know a good explainer about how to comply with FOSS licenses when combining code from multiple other projects?

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Has anyone evaluated #pagure for git and project hosting as compared to #gitlab, #gitea, #gogs, #kallithea, #gitssb and others?

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Money quote, literally: “If all employees understood that every single pay stub was going to Equifax every week, there would be a mini-revolt,” - Bob Sullivan #Equifax #security

TFW you see somebody has started a project that you've only managed to think about for a long while... for the thousandth time... *sigh*

I hadn't realized Tim Berners-Lee's mom was also a computer scientist. Thank you internet! 😂 RIP Mary Lee Berners-Lee #maryleebernerslee

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