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Happy new year, and happy public domain day! :) Here's background on some of the works that enter the public domain as of today in Canada and the EU - and how decades worth of public domain works were stolen from the public by the United States Congress:

(Unlike the authors, I oppose copyright and patents on principle, but retroactive copyright term extension is particularly illustrative of the damaging effects of intellectual monopoly rights.)

"You've been chosen," the spirit said.
"Save the world, make it kinder, cleaner, safer."
"We chose everyone."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

TFW you realize the meaning of a pop song decades after first hearing it.

fediplay, a tool to automatically download and play music that people you follow post links to, has just gone cross-platform, thanks to @unascribed and @djsundog! (Thanks, you two!)

"The way our digital lives have been structured to depend on third party intermediaries that simply pass our communications on to our friends and families while all the time spying on us to make money isn’t fate. It is the result of many decisions made because it was easier this way or because it would make money for those in the middle. They were never made because they were in the best interest of the people actually using the product. It’s not too late to design and implement a different system."

TFW you make some notes about the people behind a crowdfunding campaign to avoid getting burned in the future, but you are still excited about the opportunities crowdfunding supplies.

>By singling out particular individual billionaires for scorn, I don’t mean to suggest that there can ever be such a thing as a “good” billionaire. So long as our world contains scores of impoverished refugees living in tent cities, possessing vast sums of money that you could be using to keep other human beings from dying horrible deaths will always be grotesquely immoral.

Good morning Mastodon:

Tom Jones & The Cardigans - Burning Down The House (Scissorkicks remix - unreleased vocal version)

#fediplay #music

“If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started.
And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.” -- Unknown

I finally decided to have a look for the story behind the weird
'man in business suit levitating'


Who would of thought it turns out he should really be called 'pogoing ska punk'

From last night and this morning. The cat was parked in his usual spot waiting for the show of jays and squirrels. He and I are the only ones stirring at the moment.

I hope people manage to spend today in a way that works for them. If they can't though I hope the day passes quickly

Morning folks. As we all enjoy some down time, take a few moments to reflect on all of the ways you've overcome difficulties this year and appreciate the journey.

You're still here. You matter. You're going to be ok.

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"TIL an Icelandic tradition called Jólabókaflóð exists, where books are exchanged as Christmas Eve presents and the rest of the night is spent reading them and eating chocolate"


Started the morning with freezing rain (roads still slick with it). It switched to snow in the late afternoon. Now it feels like it may just be drizzling. I guess as long as we don't get bad freezing rain, I'm cool with it.

As I don't want to deal with fucking Timezones and shit I'll announce it right now.

At my free time at I've made a *proof-of-concept* of a Mastodon Art gallery what I want to give to the community and let you take part on the development if you like.

You can visit it at

Thank you @Curator for the help, the support and for putting it live!!

Read more here:

Merry Christmas!

#art #mastoart


(Time Zone Appropriate Greeting)
(Holiday Appropriate Greeting)

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