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I'm DJing at Ground Kontrol in Portland tonight with my friend Megaphysics. 9 PM 'till closing.

We've been playing last Wednesdays there for three or four years now. If anybody from mastodon-land is ever there on the last Wednesday, say hello to the DJ(s).

Posting because I like mastodon, and wish I used it more.

Any #emacs tooters out there use a foot pedal? How do you like it?

Double your impact by donating to EFF this week. We’re in the courts, fighting mass surveillance, the DMCA and censorship; building tech to limit corporate tracking and make encryption ubiquitous, defending hackers and activists in the streets and at the borders.

There’s lots to do and we couldn’t do it without you:

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Thanks to Private Internet Access and an anonymous hero, we've launched our
largest match challenge! Spread the word and help us meet our goal!

If you're interested in US voting rights history and haven't read "Give Us the Ballot" yet, I highly recommend it. Explains well what happend _after_ the Voting Rights Act and how we got to the current wave of voter suppression efforts. Here's my review:

Is there anyone here who's familiar with the European Cooperative Society model (as defined in: )?

If so, please let me know for I have some questions for you :)

(Boost are very appreciated)

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In my state of fierce agreement, I neglected to point back to the author

And the source toot:

This: "But for a long time I pretended it was fun. That I loved it. Because there is a lot of social pressure to portray yourself that way in the industry. People hiring you will run the other way as soon as they see a crack in that facade."

And this: 'Because it’s not really “passion” they are looking for, but people who are merely willing to endure long hours... they are looking for the person who comes home from work and spends all night on it.'

All the other things:

Yay! Software Freedom Conservancy is now on Mastodon! @conservancy

"You are what you eat" is an easy mantra to recall when making meal plans.

I propose something like, "you are what you compute", to instill a similar sensitivity in folks.

Are you a creator, a producer, a voice to sing and praise, an expression into the universe?

Or are you a cheap knockoff, filled with anguish and lies, and let people watch your every move in exchange for dopamine hits?


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