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I should be off sleeping in bed
But I'm making these limericks instead
I leave this advice
For reasonable price
Yak shaving beats painting bike sheds

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Welcome to the freedoms of capitalism, where you have to fight for the right to maintain the lifespan of your own belongings.

#introduction Hello all! I'm Greg Grossmeier (twitter: @ g_gerg). I'm new here! I like politics (#socialism #dsa) and technology (#floss). I work at the Wikimedia Foundation managing the Release Engineering team. Can we be friends?

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Here we go then… my book, Accessibility For Everyone, is now out! 📗

Available in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart:

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This is the second Amazon fulfillment center to be announced for the Portland area, and the third for Oregon, in about three months. I'm beginning to regret all those book and CD purchases I made oh so long ago. Perhaps I shouldn't be, but I am concerned that this will be yet another wave of wiping out "local" businesses.

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