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Charles Stanhope @cstanhope

@tomk I support the idea of people being paid for their labor, but other than the software tooling, I'm unclear how this differs from the usual dual licensing. It seems to have the same issues as any dual licensing scheme? The license tooling won't help overcome the hurdles of corporate processes. Many developers work in companies where we can't make purchasing decisions nor accept licensing terms on behalf of the company. Perhaps that should change or perhaps corporate devs are not the target?

@jjg Looks like a well executed project, and I absolutely love the idea of a charity arcade machine!

@gcupc Interesting! And here I was satisfied with whatever single disc edition I have. Little did I know...

@cybermeow Great. Now I've got that song stuck in my head...

@gcupc I knew of at least two editions of the soundtrack when a friend of mine complained that his CD didn't have all the tracks mine did. I didn't know there were 5! Great googly moogly...

I created a wiki book on Libertarian Socialiam using Wikipedia's book creator and deposited on the Internet Archive.

This morning I woke up to a notice that it's been taken down due to a DMCA takedown copyright notice from Springer Nature

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@risabee Wow, that was a lot of work! Looks like a wonderful little spot.

Typos that could be words:
crudfunding (n.): ...

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@craigmaloney Wow. I will never see Blade Runner quite the same way again. There's a whole other story beyond the bits I had focused on in the past. Thanks for the link.

I should be off sleeping in bed
But I'm making these limericks instead
I leave this advice
For reasonable price
Yak shaving beats painting bike sheds

@wim_v12e Nice! Something for me to try with Inkscape. I haven't really tried to get more "naturalistic" effects.