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Second, working on dwelling reminds me a bit of working on software. There's some basic principles underlying things, but the reality is to be effective at the job, there's just a bunch of random things you have to know. The only thing that really ties it all together is the historical path dependence that got you to this point and some of it can be very context specific to your specific dwelling in that specific place. It's... so bad.

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I took a week off work at the beginning of the month. It was a "staycation" I used to try to make some much needed repairs on the house. Two things occurred to me while I was doing that work.

First, it would be cool if houses and apartments had schematics (physical/electrical/plumbing) and BOMs that were maintained for the life of the dwelling.

I'm avoiding spewing on my timeline my observations about my experience of taking a hard break from mastodon. But one thing keeps popping into my head on my return today. It's a lesson I learned back when I used to drink alcohol. I'm paraphrasing somebody here, but I don't know who:

"For some, total abstinence is much easier than perfect moderation."

I'm not sure if this form of social media is that way for me or not, but I am wonderin'. 🤔

This video starts off with an interesting technique for breaking out #SMD components at home with just some basic tools – and then turns into a list of tips for prototyping and building #electronics projects in general. Both parts are super useful!

If I may be flippant for a moment, I can't believe I managed to time my break from mastodon during a period when the Queen of England died. smh

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That's odd, libertarian bro's keep saying libraries are just about books and can go away now that Amazon can just bring you books in 2 hours. Wonder what all these posters are doing here 🤷

D'oh! I just remembered this track that I heard on my way into work on Monday. Luckily KMHD keeps a robust playlist, so I could look it up just now and share it here. It was a track to help keep the spirits buoyed on a Monday morning. (And probably a nice little track for a Friday evening or Saturday morning.)

There's just something that still doesn't feel quite right about my use of social media. Maybe I'm holding it wrong, or perhaps my personality isn't compatible with it. Or maybe it's something like this:

I dunno, and I suppose that's why I will continue with the break.

Take care. Be well. I'll see you soon I'm sure. o/

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I've enjoyed my time back today. You all are as lovely as ever, and I'm reminded of what I'm missing by not being here.

I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as I had been, but for some reason I think I need to return to the social media fasting for a bit longer.

Do you like @kicad and want to help with its development? The library-team is looking for more library maintainers.
Give me a ping if you want to join!
You should be reasonable experienced with #KiCad and #Electronics. I will take care of the on-boarding.

I don't want to leave you all hanging. I ended up going with Heilung, and then I stretched my budget a bit and splurged on the new Laura Veirs.

Happy , y'all.

(Also )

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quantum uncertainty is DRM for the universe to prevent us from making copies

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