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Now blogged about first results for @NLnetFDN / @NgiZero sponsored analog/mixed-signal library project.

💼 We are hiring!
open roles for:
- Web developer
- Full stack developer
- Instance admin
- OnlyOffice engineer

[pls boost]

windows remote control opinion requests 

i need software for remote control of around 10 windows machines. i want it to be *at least* as simple as LogMeIn, in that it does magic to get around NAT and firewalls, and is simple to access through a browser (especially on Linux)

I haven't been around this scene for at least a decade so. yeah. what's good these days?

PREFERABLY FREE or not that expensive.

Sketchdrop no.70

Today is an anniversary of sorts: One year ago I started this series of drawings. I didn‘t think it would take this long, and there‘s still a good amount to go. But I‘ve started so many things in the past that I now want to practice finishing things, so let‘s keep going. :)

#mastoArt #creativeToots #art #sketch #sketchbook #ink #drawing

Software is just an idea that you've taken out of your head and turned into a machine. That's all it is. Somebody's idea that has been turned into a machine.

When you're making decisions about investing in software - with time, money, trust, anything - you're making decisions about the people behind it, and their ideas.

If you learn something about the people and their ideas, that gives you pause? Revisiting your investment in the software in light of it is totally reasonable.

The ultimate future of C: self-hosting C compilers that can no longer generate working binaries of themselves due to undefined behavior. :thonking:

Oh geez, this reminded me of something I haven't thought about in years. David Byrne is still doing his "radio" show after all this time. Wild:

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Spent some time polishing up ha (hack assembler), my tool for programmatically patching ROMs for arcade games and other retro systems.

ha lets you craft patches in assembler, automatically inject them into the ROM images, test them in MAME, and fix signatures so they pass validation in self-test.

#arcade #retrocomputing

Oh geez, this reminded me of something I haven't thought about in years. David Byrne is still doing his "radio" show after all this time. Wild:

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I think David Byrne hosted the show for a little bit, and he also performed on it. Here is a very David Byrne performance of "Psycho Killer". CW Byrne is dressed in a suit that looks like a human body with no skin.

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Anybody else remember a TV show called "Sessions at West 54th"? I seem to recall many excellent performances shown there. If any archives of the recordings remain, they appear to be locked up somewhere (maybe Amazon Prime has some?). Too bad. Little bits and pieces can be found. Like this gem of a performance from Ani DiFranco:

<sung to the tune of the star wars theme song>
staaar waaaars
gimme those staaar waaars
fighting some staaaar waaaars
all up in space
they will fly
from tattooine to death star and escape barely
hoooooming beacon will betray them!
there's a way
to blow it up, a small little port to shoot at
and luuuke
skywalker will do it!
hooraaaay, they blew it up and everything is now haaappppy
the end, this film is by geeooorrrge luuuucas

Finally named the boat. All credit goes to the 14 year old.

Game: Super Planet Crash

Game Credit & License: Stefano Meschiari (U. Texas at Austin) & the SAVE/Point Team #APOD

The result of a brief sculpting session with the kiddo just before bedtime. I call it "Concerned troll".

Yesterday I went to a weird kind of art festival. There were floats, based on the works of Jeroen (Jheronimous) Bosch. So it was kinda like a art parade on the water!

Included is a section of a picture of a famous Bosch work, for some context. And some of my favorite creations based on it from yesterday.

This will be a thread with more pictures from my favorites! But not right now, drinking some beers first. More to come soon, watch this space!

In my 20s, twenty years seemed like a long time. Now late in to my 40s, twenty years doesn't seem very long at all.

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