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US, Missoulian and GDPR 

It's annoying, but not all businesses are equally capable of keeping up with all the laws around the world. Especially since so many countries are starting to claim jurisdiction on everybody else on the internet. :/

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US, Missoulian and GDPR 

Some people seem upset about a newspaper in Montana blocking them. Instead expecting the paper to figure out compliance with GDPR. I'm surprised the newspaper bothered to do anything about GDPR. But I am not surprised that a newspaper serving a town of about 70k, buried in the middle of the US Rocky Mountains, with a likely regular EU audience of approximately 0 didn't spend time and resources becoming compliant with GDPR.

That rapid fire, sincere laughter from a 3 year old is like a little fire that can light up and warm your cold, dark soul.

as if I needed another reason to hate cars and everything about a society built around them, turns out simple wear and tear on car tires releases microplastics into the air to the degree that it might be the largest source of microplastics in oceans

Regarding LB*: C4 Methodology 

Also from annotated C4:

"I'm sure one day some large firm will buy GitHub and break it, and another platform will rise in its place. Until then, Github serves up a near-perfect set of minimal, fast, simple tools. I've thrown hundreds of people at it, and they all stick like flies stuck in a dish of honey."

How does that work out for the flies? People aren't flies. We should not treat each other that way even metaphorically. :/

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Regarding LB*: C4 Methodology 

I suppose users could hire developers to help speak for them. I should probably go off and look at other projects targeted at users and see how well they include the users as stakeholders. Users simply being defined as all people who use and rely on the software, but will never directly contribute a patch.

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Regarding LB*: C4 Methodology


Having read through it just now. I can see how it would work well for a library targeted at and used by other developers. But it's less clear to me how well C4 will work for a project like Mastodon where the largest chunk of stakeholders are not developers. The only input for non-developers would appear to be issues. Without patches, users won't have much influence.


This message probably won't reach anyone in East Texas but I want to try.

My mom and sister are fostering 6 cats. They can't find anyone to adopt them and don't really have the means to care for as many pets as they have.

The cats were (thankfully) neutered by a cat humane society.

If you want a cat and you can meet in Mount Vernon, Mount Pleasant, Winnsboro, or even any surrounding towns, please get in touch with me.

Well, friends, if you know of any opportunities at your company that are looking for tier 1 or 2 tech/software support, network monitoring, or entry level security operations monitoring, do let me know.

I'm hardworking, ethical, intelligent, self-directed, outgoing, and just weird enough to be having a real hard time.

"A resource arrangement that works in practice can work in theory." -- Elinor Ostrom

I'm delighted to announce difftastic 0.12!

I've completely rewritten how diffs are displayed. Context is smarter, alignment is better, and handling of long lines is vastly improved. Lines are never truncated, and the display is much more space efficient.

Idea: bandcamp, except in the fediverse, where labels are instances.

High tech "solutions" 

While she told me this story, I realized that I wouldn't have been able to scan the QR code either because the camera is broken.* I keep hearing more examples of these little costs of not having a "smart" phone with a data plan. After a while, the costs will add up. I wonder how much they're saving by not having the paper number dispenser?

* If it was within reach, I might've tried to cover the QR code until I got helped. But not everyone should have to be so bold.

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High tech "solutions" 

My mom went to the place where she got her glasses for help with a missing nose piece. They used to have a "take a number" dispenser. But they had replaced it with a QR code to scan. If you couldn't scan it, a sign said to wait for help. My mom has a flip phone with no data plan. While she's waiting, several other customers skip by her, scan, and get helped. She is eventually helped, but only after other people who had come in after her.

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