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SomeBODY once told me your plums were getting lonely
They’re not the only fruit in the fridge
They were looking pretty yum, they were chilly, sweet, rotund
So I ate them even though they’re your breakfast

Hey now
I’m real sorry
That I ate them

get fedi hired (me) 

I am a currently full-time Ph.D. student living on student loans. Last year I was a GTA until shit hit the fan and I quit. I need employment so I can prove to the state in an Affidavit of Support that I can financially support my future spouse who is immigrating.

Can you or your associate(s) hire me?

I have valuable skills in:

software engineering: any language, but FP is preferred
systems engineering (my program of study!) including model-based architecture
consulting (engineering/innovation/strategy)
website development: WordPress, static site-generated, custom web applications
system administration (Linux/OpenBSD)
technical writing (hire me to write your documentation!)

Please DM me for further details about my professional background, and to send information about an opening. Paid worker-owned co-op positions will get preference.

#fediHired #getFediHired :boost_requested:

Anyway, ice worms, we don't know where they come from or what they eat or how they reproduce and you can only see them under very specific conditions, but there's a billion of them in every glacier

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my paper "Making legacy Fortran code type safe through automated program transformation" has just been published in Journal of Supercomputing, as Open Access:

"We present the first rigorous analysis of the type safety of FORTRAN 77 and the novel program transformation and type checking algorithms required to convert FORTRAN 77 subroutines and functions into pure, side-effect free subroutines and functions in Fortran 90.
We show that the resulting code is type safe and that the pure, side-effect free and referentially transparent subroutines can readily be offloaded to accelerators."

smalltime normcore capitalism talked about like a legitimate activity or whatever 

an appeal to people who sell stuff on the internet:

David Grohl and Foo Fighters create the Dee Gees tribute band and cover the Bee Gees. 

Darn. Vinyl only release. :/

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David Grohl and Foo Fighters create the Dee Gees tribute band and cover the Bee Gees. 

That's not something I would've ever predicted. Cool though.

Trying to start my Tuesday on a good note. A Tiny Desk Concert from Lake Street Dive:

(Apparently the guitarist, Mike "McDuck" Olson, just announced he was leaving the band after 16 years. So that is one of the last performances with him.)

Nostalgic for Events That Haven't Happened Yet

Let’s just be content we experiencing our lives and not documenting them.

I can say I've fallen into this trap of obsessive documentation of my life headfirst and it hasn't been helpful for me whatsoever.

One of the great things about dancing to 80s music with the 3 yo is hearing unironic declarations of "great moves".

ahhh yes, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

I woke up this week with one name in my mind, and that's usually a pretty good sign that they're saying something I need to hear said. Accordingly, today we'll be spending the day with Hiromi Uehara and her piano.

So, if some piano jazz with style and pizzazz might be enough to make your day more relaxed, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying or streaming on

:blobpats: :cofepats: :blobpats:

Interesting - listening to this guy from Seattle who cut his own CEO salary to ensure his staff was well paid: Kim Hill asks him if he could've achieved the same if his company was public/listed. He suggests he couldn't. The system's broken & public trust of public corporations is misplaced.

Tool to convert copyrighted music into fair use

(submitted by alphabet9000)

Wow, this is pretty neat. It is a platform for workers to organize their workplace with a focus of keeping bosses out. They go as far as saying that management joining Frank is a violation of labor law and they'll persue penalties.

The new FreeBSD Journal is out, including my letters column!

The issue theme is "security." I have things to say. Yes, beyond than "we're all doomed." Hamsters are involved.

Is this some sort of scam? 

Ha! Just realized I unintentionally advertised for this author... Scammy, scam, scam...

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