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Covid, Bayes' Theorem 

"Maths quiz. If you get a positive result on a Covid test that only gives a false positive one time in every 1,000, what’s the chance that you’ve actually got Covid?"

Sisters with Transistors – the untold story of electronic music's female pioneers and how they transformed the ways we produce and listen to music today.

Looks amazing (and long overdue) – seriously can't wait to check this out.


Pleased (*) to announce that @davidrevoy will be one of our guests of honor at Penguicon this year:

#penguicon #penguicon2021

(*) Pleased is an understatement, but I have to keep some semblance of order around here.

We're open for an L3 Software Engineer! Want to come work with me on an awesome team consulting on big and small civic tech and commercial projects?

The company is 56% women identified cross-practice with a very healthy level of racial diversity (our CEO is BIPOC and our COO is a woman for starters). Fully remote, US only (sorry, we do gov contracts so it's a requirement), transparent salaries across the company (, solid benefits including office setup budget and monthly employee effectiveness budget.

Our public employee handbook is here: and our Engineering Playbook is here:

(I'm personally an L3 if you want perspective on what that level is like)

#pleaseboost #jobs #softwareengineering

TFW you are on a return trip to Earth after carefully sampling the solar wind and your drogue shoot doesn't open as you enter the atmosphere, and instead of being gracefully plucked out of the sky by helicopters you crash face first into the Utah desert.

Rainbow Airglow over the Azores

Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro (TWAN); Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt #APoD

Vaccine + 

Scheduled for my first dose.

Today we're kicking off the #GNU Assembly!

This is a new umbrella for GNU people seeking transparent decision-making and built around consensus. It's the result of a decade of struggle to make #GNU inclusive, transparent, and community-driven.

#GNU contributors: consider joining!

#FreeSoftware activists: help us spread the word!

reposting this because I somehow didn’t realize that I had locked it down the last time. Whoops! But gettin through my watercolor work queue 😤

Coding nonsense 

Apparently Python's print(f"...") is close enough to C's printf("...") for my brain to substitute the latter for the former constantly.

Okay, this is probably an even better example of their performance. I'm not an expert by any means, but dang, they all seem absolutely solid performers. Fanny playing "Blind Alley":

Imagine becoming a fan of a band 50 years too late. 😆

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TFW the ridiculous, usually useless algorithm manages to surface a gem from a band I had never heard of, but geez, I really should've:

(tzag btw)

I've had this playing for a couple hours and... it's just darned good Web surfing #music:

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