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I broke my social media break when I saw the news about the Alphabet union drive:

I suddenly had a craving for some hot takes. But I also admit to missing all you interestin' folks. It's good to see you all.

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I had maxed out my PTO in 2020. As a result, I decided to extend the usual end of year shutdown my company has with some extra time off. I finally have time to finish this review of Pac-Man.

(Just kidding. I still don't have time to finish that review.)

Boosts welcome.

Anyone interested in hiring a software engineer who is comfortable with low level programming, including embedded work? Now that 2021 is here, it's high time I start considering re-entering the work force.

I'm comfortable working in assembly language for several different processors, C, Python, Ruby, and C++ (in order of most recent to least recent experience).

My professional resume isn't terribly impressive in this area (who does low-level work anymore?), but I like to think that my Kestrel-3 and Kestrel-2 work shows my skills.

Let me know if you think I might be a good fit for your organization. Thank you.

Well, what do you know. Clear ice is also bad to run on. :/

Merry Christmas (if that's your thing) 

I haven't been up to anything I consider creative for a very long while, but I thought I'd share a Christmas card I created, had printed, and sent to friends and family back in 2009. This feels like a lifetime ago for me. I did offend at least one person with it that I know of, but they still talk to me. May your Christmas be as merry as possible considering the circumstances. And if Christmas isn't your thing, may you have good health and cheer.

I know it's late but the #CfP for the #RetroComputing #devroom @ #FOSDEM is finally out now:

Please forward to anyone you think could propose something, we would need to get all submissions by December 28th.

Even without the full picture, please submit with a description quickly, you can update it as you go.

We want to hear from you about #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenHardware #emulator #oldschool #m68k #Z80 #MOS6502 #ORIC #Amstrad #C64 #Atari #Amiga #BASIC #MSDOS This was unexpected... a masto/twitter-like service cobbled from the Matrix framework. Diversity of approaches seems good, and this is coming from outside the ActivityPub-based sphere. Very curious as to what the social consequences of a mainstreamed version of "reputation feeds" would be.

TIL you can basically fork bomb a browser with (in)appropriate use of setTimeout. Oops. 😆

Woohoo! Turns out I was able to recover the boards with a little "manual intervention", but the workaround is really weird. I basically run a certain step that sets the necessary magic bits twice. The first time (done automatically) doesn't take, but the second time (done manually by me) does take. I still have no idea why this steps suddenly stopped working, but since I recovered the boards, I can now get some sleep this weekend.

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The public banking movement, and the passage of the Public Banking Act in California, gets a shoutout in Project Censored's list of under-reported stories in 2020:

As well it should -- public banking deserves more attention within progressive movements across the country, along with other efforts to strengthen public ownership (e.g., municipal ISPs, utilities).

The full top 25 is here:

Maybe mastodon could have a default "CW" setting. Then I could just set mine to "Unimportant opinion" and leave it most of the time.

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Unimportant opinion 

I love Idina Menzel's work, but I have to say that I prefer Panic! at the Disco's version of "Into the Unknown".

(Guess who's been involuntarily overexposed to Frozen recently.)

I've been thinking a lot over the past year about the problems that the #ethicallicense movement is seeking to address. Here's a simple proposal for another possible legal mechanism, creating ethical employment contract provisions! #contractpatch

Work grumble 

Of course, after months and months and months of using certain methods working flawlessly to program and boot our prototype boards. We get the first production builds of the products, annnnd... they fail to boot after programming. Good job, me, whatever I did.

Hopefully I can figure out what the issue is and recover the boards, but this stuff is danged hard to debug. *sigh*

the world’s first synthesizer was a warehouse of electromagnetic pickups next to large gears spinning at high speed, with different gear frequencies. you could listen to it by calling a phone number. the electric amplifier had not been invented yet, so making everything bigger was they only way they knew to get enough power for all those phones over that distance. #analogComputing
i wonder how many things we might be doing today at a stupid scale in a stupid way, waiting for the right invention

This is old news, but news to me QuickLogic (a maker of FPGA parts) decided to fully embrace open source tooling.

You can see their full column of checkmarks on the Symbiflow's "Current Status":

Conservancy filed yesterday three Long Form comments for our #DMCA exemption requests: 1st exemption is for license violation investigation. 2nd for installing FOSS firmwares on wireless routers. 3rd for increase circumvention rights for privacy research

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