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uspol + (parental leave) 

This is positive, but my experience is that we'll still need a cultural shift so that people actually feel free to use the benefit. Obviously, the insurance has to come first, but even with the insurance, there will be cultural obstacles that will take time to clear.

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uspol + (parental leave) 

Colorado passed Proposition 118:

"Proposition 118 will require employers to provide their employees up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave each year starting in 2024. It also will allow for an additional four weeks if that person has a serious pregnancy-related health condition or childbirth complications. The PFML program means that the employee could take up to 12 weeks off without losing their job."

Origins of the youtube-dl project 

"As you may know, as of the time this text is being written youtube-dl’s repository at GitHub is blocked due to a DMCA takedown letter received by GitHub on behalf of the RIAA. While I cannot comment on the current maintainers' plans or ongoing discussions, in light of the claims made in that letter I thought it would be valuable to put in writing the first years of youtube-dl as the project creator and initial maintainer."

Robert Pirsig's motorcycle, described in his book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values", is part of Smithsonian's collection:

Today Zoom reached a settlement with the FTC to close its security holes and protect its users better.

Do we trust our intimate conversations with doctors, colleagues, friends and family to this company?

Wouldn't it be good to join an online meeting platform that you can trust? That is owned by users and workers? That is not analysing user behaviour?

Did you check out ? Online meetings with privacy first.

Become a member today!

Who'd have thought that one of the most effective ways to make voting more representative is simply to remove the rule "you must only vote for one candidate"

So it's been a while coming but I'm finally losing my housing, soon. (Folk who've followed me for a while are familiar with my unusual work/housing situation, but it's... well, unusual.)

Looking for a new place for me, my partner, and our cat. Lots of mechanisms for securing housing aren't available for us, so if anyone knows of a person around the Triangle, in North Carolina, that'll work with us, please let me know.

(Boosts welcomed.)

My tiny audio microblog code is available via git:

Although I made this to "scratch my own itch," I want to share it with the community. So much of what I use every day was created and shared by regular people, and I want to give back. My code may not be pretty but it works. I'm totally open to suggestions/pull requests.

Thank you all for the encouragement!

@Midder @liaizon @django @ConnerHabib @bekopharm @wilbr

"the good news" COVID VACCINE 

“the good news here is that it really is going to get better. Keeping your head down, wearing masks and keeping your distance is more valuable than ever, because there’s an actual finish line in sight that you have to reach. Hang on for the vaccine – for the vaccines – because they really are coming.”

—Derek Lowe

TIL Charles Babbage worked on improving the efficiency of the adders in his Analytical Engine with something he called an "anticipating carriage" for the carries. He hoped to improve on a sort of ripple carry he implemented in the Difference Engine that apparently took 20 seconds to complete?

Sydney Padua provides a simulated demo:

Via Ken Shirriff:

Regardless of computing technology, some of the underlying problems are always the same.

Hello Fediverse 👋
I am Akshay (He/Him). I am from Pune, India and I live in Berlin, Germany. I like to talk about open source software, haskell, politics, food and a few more things I cannot remember right now.

I will mostly toot in English, sometimes in Hindi and Marathi, Italian on special occasions and I aspire to be able to toot in German someday.

I don't know what else to say so please enjoy this picture of me trying to imitate a Halloween cake.

what a gift on this tense, uncertain day, to have this beautiful piece on Gillian Welch and David Rawlings by Hanif Abdurraqib.

“It’s like doing a dance in 40 pounds of chains.”

Massachusetts voters pass right-to-repair expansion opening up car data

Some good news from the US elections today :)

Uspol voting results gripe 

I kind of want a gag rule on the media so that they don't go around calling elections until all the danged votes are counted.

They can keep their stupid horse race "color commentary" and report on tallies as they become known, but they have to stop calling elections until the votes are counted.

#m68k Compiler explorer: George Nakos runs an independent instance of Matt Godbolt's compiler explorer that features quite a few 680x0 cross compilers, and a few native ones. It is mostly Atari 16/32 focused.

People can also share code snippets using the share button, for example

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