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This morning's air quality 🤢 

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This morning's air quality 🤢 

"So," said the technician, "what seems to be the problem?"
"My batteries are drained much faster than normal."
"Ah. That's common these days."
"Is it a virus?"
"Input overload. Too much news to process."
"But I can't stop caring!"
"No. But care for yourself and limit your input."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I should be clear about two things:

1. The photo is real but not mine, and I was unable to track down the photographer.
2. The real context is unknown to me. What I wrote was from my wildfire worried, fevered imagination.

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Them: [gesturing widely and speaking loudly through respirators] "We're here on our honeymoon, can you take our picture?"
Me: [Nods and gives thumbs up sign]

Tinsel 0.8.2

Tinsel is a RISC-V-based manythread message-passing architecture designed for FPGA clusters. It is being developed as part of the POETS Project (Partial Ordered Event Triggered Systems). Further background can be found in our FPL 2019 paper; and our ASAP 2020 paper and video. If you're a POETS Partner, you can access a machine running Tinsel in the POETS Cloud.

pdxpol / 🎉 

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uspol, oregon pol (hoh-lee poop) 

Giant Groundsels, prehistoric plants found on top of Mt Kilimanjaro.

I'm not usually very keen on Kickstarters, but this is a very cool one. Cory Doctorow ( @pluralistic ) is self-publishing an audiobook version of his upcoming _Attack Surface_ (the third volume of the _Little Brother_ series). It's a very good series that deals with the insidious effect and damage that the intersection of Big Tech and Surveillance Capitalism have on our present world.

And this Kickstarter itself is very real world instance of the struggle portrayed in Doctorow's series: not only does Amazon (via its audiobook wing Audible) force DRM on all of its audiobooks, but it has a stranglehold over the audiobook market.

Success of this Kickstarter could change the way publishers think about monopolistic electronic platforms like Amazon/Audible and help to carve out an open space (for authors and readers alike).

A space outside of the control of one of the emblematic bad actors in the tech space both in terms of monopolistic practices and literally in terms of surveillance capitalism (e.g. Amazon's Ring - .

Here's the Kickstarter:

Wildfire false alarm 

Is there a cooperatively owned eBook platform? Similar to #Resonate?

(Boosts welcome!)

#Coops | #Coop | #LearnLog

Info on protecting yourselves from wildfire smoke:

Many of the things you can do are completely free! Please do them. In the middle of a pandemic is the worst time to also have your lungs in harm's way from other causes.

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Avengers: Infinity War but at the end when Thanos snaps his fingers half of all life disintegrates into pink glittery dust and Peter Parker's last words are "it's a girl!"

Someone please make this.

uspol but also local 

Welp, we had a good run of clean air this summer. But winds are bringing in the smoke of nearby wildfires. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will be brief.

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