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Relatedly, I'm currently reading _Break 'Em Up_ from Zephyr Teachout. I admit that I am I feeling a bit of futility on the topic of monopolies because of all the problems we face globally concurrently and because monopolies will cooperate (are cooperating) with governments around the world to maintain their power. I want to believe otherwise, but I'm not sure the monopolies are going anywhere.

(Good grief that's a downer. This is partly why I don't write more on here.)

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"If there was any doubt, the pandemic erased it. Locked down, viewing the world through our screens, there is no longer any distinction between human rights and digital rights. There is no software freedom. There’s only freedom."

Tcl? Again?! 

The First Man to Reach the North Pole was an African American Desk Clerk the World Forgot

Some years ago I read the book written by Admiral Robert Peary, the """first""" person to the North Pole, so now I'm reading "A Negro Explorer at the North Pole," about the actual first person there. You can get it on Gutenberg

A little corner of computing history I was not previously aware of 

Story time! Here's how offline internet can help people that are technically "online"👇 (a #Thread)

Is there something like a demoscene for web designers? I'm imagining competitions where a HTML file is provided and contestants need to write a CSS file for it subject to stringent limitations (maximum file size measured in bytes, or single digit maximum number of statements, or certain properties are forbidden), and the most beautiful submitted design is determined by a vote or something.

Chromium, aka Google, just keeps proposing new standards to make the web less private and secure for users. We need to find a way to stop this.

Allow JavaScript to make direct TCP and UDP connections? Sure!

Packaging up an entire website into a file so individual ads can't be blocked? Also sure!

AASM advocates elimination of Summer Time 

Big news: NLnet/NGI0 PET will fund the development of two new open hardware processor modules compatible with MNT Reform: An NXP LS1028A module developed in partnership with RBZ Embedded Logics and an FPGA module for prototyping with open CPU designs:

I'm new here...
I'm a father of a toddler with another on the way. I'm currently retraining as a freelance designer. I value free and software, -operation, and connecting with people that share a desire to bring a more equitable and just world into being.

Hey folks!

Did you know that @lindsays is working on an open source to pro-audio?

The project is called #OSSudio and it could use your help!!

Do you have an idea for a module?
Do you know how to do PCB designs?
Maybe you just like the idea. Pass it along! :D

Here's the link

(Boosts appreciated) :boost_ok:

Bongo Cat in Space 

24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week 

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