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Oregon establishes price gouging hotline 

"If we view ourselves as besieged victims who need to go into hiding, then we will cultivate fear and hoarding. If we view ourselves as a community working hard to protect the most vulnerable among us, then we will cultivate courage and helping. Mindset matters."

(twitter screenshot)

Our neighbourhood had a zero-contact scavenger hunt. The theme this week was Mister Rogers. We printed out some Daniel Tiger and O The Owl figures to put in the window, and we took the toddler out, figuring it'd be a couple houses here and there.

Nearly everyone was doing it!

And everyone we met waved or stopped to have a friendly, shouty, two-metres-apart chat. Offers of help were traded, problems heard.

ok it finally works. wifi via ath5k mPCIe card. backlight keyboard. LiFePO4 battery charging. speakers.

In the 1980s, a group of young dissidents in San Francisco's financial district got together to create a #Zine

"Processed World" is now available at the Internet Archive. Brace yourself for a world of subversive commentary and #Cyberpunk

mutual aid, tacoma 

And I'm back. Five minutes and forty-three seconds for the actual donation. I was told that was fast, but they probably tell everybody that. :)

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is there an editor for bitmap fonts stored as C arrays like this? (this is a 6x8 font)

Everybody seems to be hugging bandcamp artists a little too hard at the moment. I will have to go back later today and see if the site can breathe again.

Don't forget, Bandcamp are waiving their fees today so that artists get 100% of all sales. Good day to go on a music splurge and clear a good lump of your wishlist

Folks, is there a #fedi tool to support local buying and delivery networks? If we had a good tool that allowed for LETS/barter as well as f2f purchasing, and that knew about geolocation (and OSM tools for cyclists) so cargo bikes or walking delivery were enabled, it would be much easier to build Transition-style local economies. If we are going to resist Amazon &c we will need such tools.

Anyone have recommendations for self-hostable calendar servers? Link below has a list, but am looking for experiences using or hosting them.

We'll once again be meeting up in IRC this week for FOSS companionship, see you in two hours! #conservancy on freenode.

New, on

The Machine That Changed The World — Transcription of the interview with Alan Kay.

Part 1:

Part 2:

"you know that phrase? well, this is our circus, better check on the monkeys"

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