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Somebody sent me this link about Clearview: a company making an app sold to law enforcement that does facial recognition and has built a database based on public images. That is, unlike regular government software it is not based on driving licenses and mug shots but also includes Facebook, Twitter, etc. It's against the terms of service, but they don't care.

Fedora vision statements 

Fedora vision statements 

Using deft and org-mode in Emacs to take notes about the important things I learned from the fediverse today...

We are almost to 70 accounts on our instance! Very thankful to see the community growing here... Thanks all!

ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch

The toddler has taken to hissing at things they dislike. I have no idea where they picked that up, but it's incredibly cute and relatable.

I took snippets of the DEC BASIC-8 manual for the TSS/8 operating system and inserted them into a poetry generator. This is the poem. (The randomizer runs the same every time (no seeds though I could fake it) so this is in a sense *the* output.)

it's a wonder the internet works at all, so it's understandable when it doesn't.

Software nerd world problems 

Software nerd world problems 

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