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Does anyone here wanna help me fix a UI quirk in @nextcloud that
prevent my disabled friend Maurice from using Talk as a replacement for Skype?

For context, see

As a starting point could someone help me figure out how to make the sidebar open up by default by editing php/js/css files on my Nextcloud instance? I have scanned the code for a while but my web-dev skills are lagging behind the curve really really badly these days... :flan_tired:

#nextcloud #accessibility

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Anyone can sign up for the low-volume list serv to get info on Agaric’s weekly Show and Tell that happens every Wednesday at 11am ET -

I encourage everyone to start a show and tell with your friends and possibly we can merge them all at some point! Sharing is awesome!
More info:

BTW I woke up this morning with a ridiculous thought going through my brain, "There are two Turing machines inside you..." While still trying to figure out which way was up, I followed it up with, "Oh no. But I'm out of infinite tape." ... Brains are weird.

"If a poem hasn't ripped apart your soul: You haven't experienced poetry." - Edgar Allen Poe

I know the source is bad, but would like to know if anyone has input on the subject. Senior Google exec speaks out -- “Are we going to just let the biggest tech companies decide who wins every election from now on?”

It's amazing how broken my favorite social website is when my system clock is wrong. Fix the time, and suddenly I can see all your lovely faces... er... avatars.

Here's the talk I presented this week at the 2019.2 meeting of the Phoenix Computer Engineering Club:

due to a font issue, I am now at a party for people named Ian

New Linux machine freshly installed for my wife to try, and it only took me hours of my life. This is much less time than in the past, and I honestly think this was faster than a typical Windows computer setup. Everything came straight outta the package repos! Now to see if she'll actually like it... It's either this or Windows 10 for her, so... Hoping for the best.

I'm trying the GNOME Software method of updating things on Fedora (as opposed to dnf all the things like I usually do), and I'm not really enjoying the experience of the forced downtime during the reboot stage. But I suppose the process is no worse than all the other horrible computer systems people have to use, and it's easier to explain to somebody whose first language is not computer.

(I'm pretty sure my first language is now computer, much to my chagrin.)

I've never used the GNOME Software app until now. Does it not provide a progress indicator when you tell it to perform an update?

I think I am done with laptops unless they standardize the batteries. Fed up with perfectly useful devices becoming obsolete because the battery form factor (and whatever DRM they use with it) are no longer available.

Williams Joust, one of a pair of two-player pinballs we've got here (the other being "Challenger," a 2-player Gottlieb where the playfield alternately tilts towards one player and then the other). Multiplayer pinball has always been a game of hanging around and waiting, here Williams tried to do something about that.

They failed hard but everyone still wants to play this game, because it's rare and super-weird. It's crying out for some software fixes, mind.

Does anyone have experience setting up VoIP using a SIP trunk provider and a software PBX like Asterisk for your home phone? I'm considering doing this instead of just doing VoIP through whatever ISP I coose (most likely AT&T) but I want to hear from people who have done it. I have 3 questions about it:

1. How difficult was it to set up?
2. What did you learn from doing so?
3. Do you think it was worth it and if so, why?

Jessica Wade has added nearly 700 Wikipedia biographies for important female and minority scientists in less than two years.

Hey there #fediverse, anyone in #reykjavik #Iceland? I'm based here now and would love to get in touch.

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