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Oh! They just released the first issue of #ROMchip, a brand new academic journal of game history

give it a read, it's free!

A thread of optimistic science/fiction art.

First up, Bryan Larsen's joyful inspiration:

An introduction to an open source FPGA toolchain Show more

I haven't kept up with the development of Wintergatan's new marble machine, but a lot has happened while I wasn't paying attention. It looks amazing!

Compare to the original:

This is what I've been working on over the last few days. A new machine type for QEMU, designed after Firecracker's machine model, for users looking for the minimal attack surface, fast boot time and small footprint.

If you're interested in bootstrapping compilers from nothing, you can join freenode IRC #bootstrappable to chat about it

Has anyone written a #forth that targets the paravirtualized machine interface, like e.g. MirageOS does for OCaml?… is not it. That's a Linux (or Linux-like?) wrapper around an ELF binary. I'm talking something that targets the virtual metal directly'

The dominance of statistical models in AI, our bias towards embedding human knowledge, and the effectiveness of large, generic compute:

I was passed by a Tesla on my way to work. It had vanity plates that said "TIRED". I couldn't help but think:

Tired: Tesla cars
Wired: ?

I didn't know how to finish it. Maybe "No more cars". I dunno... Still mildly puzzled by the choice of vanity plate on an expensive vehicle...

Running the Raspberry Pi website off the new Pi 4.

Also, I had no idea people were offering Pi's in the cloud. But I could see how that would be useful for experimenting or building purposes.

An Experimental Evaluation of the Assumption of Independence in Multi-Version Programming, by John Knight and Nancy Leveson

If you take bunch of programs written independently, are you more likely to reduce bugs by taking the most common output?

Tech friends, what is the non tech thing that you enjoy most? I am curious, I want to know!
I start. I love acting! I play in theaters since 2009. Theatrical improvvisation at the moment.
#passions #secondintroduction

The @postmarketOS folks are making massive strides in their work, not just for the #Pinephone but also dozens of other devices new and old. 😄

Latest news from #ForgeFed!

The ticket comment demo ( got many views but very few people actually made the steps. Feedback on your experience trying (or not trying) it is highly appreciated :)

I'm working on federated open-new-ticket, almost done! Demo coming soon!

Spec got some updates, thank you @zplus & @bill_auger! After the next demo, I'll update the spec draft too with all the latest info, and deploy an HTML version :)

-- fr33


A coworker made a joke using a fictitious social site "facetweetspace", and now I'm eyeing a new domain name for a fediverse node. :thonking:

Wish there was a secure email hosting service out there with family-friendly pricing. I would love to dump Google, and I already have my own domain names, but all the services I've looked at are really expensive when you need 3-4 mailboxes.

Dear #lazyweb, what's the largest #cgit instance you know, in terms of hosted #git repositories?

The standing champion is , but I'm confident there are larger instances out there…

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