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How to Destroy Neoliberalism: Kill ‘Homo Economicus’: Debunking the failed paradigm of traditional economics

"Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft" by Bruce Schneier

"Ten years ago, I could have given you all sorts of advice about using encryption, not sending information over email, securing your web connections, and a host of other things­ -- but most of that doesn't matter anymore. Today, your sensitive data is controlled by others, and there's nothing you can personally to do affect its security. "

My workmate has this incredible bluetooth replica of a typewriter. It mounts MX Blue switches, so it *kind of* sounds and feel like a real typewriter!

The line space lever is fully working, and the cylinder knobs are mapped to brightness/volume. Amazing! :D

I mean, I nerd it up most work days, but this was fun nerding.

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Can someone point me to a n00b friendly explanation of how #GNU #GUIX works please?

Boosts welcome!

Right to repair 

Have you backed Sajan Rai's book project on Kickstarter? Would you like to? Did you know it was a thing?

It's a collection of amazingly imaginative weird-fantasy art, coupled with haikus, set in a shared world.

You like books, right? And art? And undermining the hegemony of Tolkienesque monotony?

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GNU Guix 1.0 is out!

Proud to have been a part of the project since 2013. I haven't been active in awhile, but I have contributed a lot of packages, a Linux container implementation, a build system for programs written in Ruby, importer tools for PyPI and RubyGems, the 'guix environment' and 'guix publish' tools, and probably some small stuff I've forgotten.

Women's Equal Rights Amendment sees first hearing in 36 years

This week MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) announced that a 20-year-old cryptographic puzzle was just solved by Bernard Fabrot, a self-taught programmer from Belgium, 15 years earlier than MIT scientists expected.

Fabrot used a simple Intel Core i7-6700 found in consumer PCs, and computed the solution using the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (GMP).

drm: "let's put encryption keys that are supposed to be kept away from the client, on the client, and then make extracting the encryption keys illegal"

Freedom of the Press Foundation is hiring again :)

This role has more of an administrative bent -- managing relationships with news orgs who use our services, e.g., SecureDrop support & digital security trainings -- but it also includes tier 1 support for SecureDrop, and room for technical advancement.

A great "starter" role if you want to get into tech nonprofit work, are super-organized, & are into digital security in particular. Remote -friendly (US time zones):

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