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New homepage with fancy animated video is now live at

We only spent about 2 years of (on and off) work on it, so don't expect perfection. ;)

Hopefully, we'll get around to writing blog post about it sometime soon.

Good take by Cory Doctorow. Apple will only ever do what they see as profitable. It could be that with declining sales and changing public perception they are seeing repair as a service as one alternative avenue for profit. Unfortunately they will do it as a form of rent-collection, not an open ecosystem of repair. So it may be Apple’s goal that Apple devices will become more repairable, but only by Apple. And only if and for so long as it is profitable.

Then caught a panel discussion with Esra'a Al-Shafei and Mahsa Alimardani about data in oppressive regimes, how citizens can operate online when surveillance is routine and dissent is dangerous.

Learned that in Iran the state had taken the source of Telegram (which is used as both messenger and a social network) and set up it's own replacement. And to not use it was a mark of dissent.

Source alone will not change the world, and can sometimes enable repression. Politics and ethics are vital.

#Trees do more than just sequester #carbon, indeed that's the least benefit they bring in the war on #GlobalWarming / #GlobalHeating / #ClimateEmergency. They modulate weather patterns at small & large scales:
* Cooling surface temperatures
* Increasing cloud cover and albedo
* Reducing cirrus cloud (the kind that warms us more than it cools)
* In sufficient numbers, trees directly pump rainclouds inland, spreading growth and sequestration even into deserts and dustbowls!

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What's your favorite technical book, and why?

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“Remember,” said the spirit, “this planet made you, and you are very important.”

“Of course,” the human spoke with great pride, “And as the greatest of its creations, surely we are worthy to rule—”

“No," the spirit cut in, "No, you have it all wrong."


"The planet doesn't create anything to rule. All are equally important and all have their purpose."

The human frowned, confused. "Then what’s ours?”

“You’re here to care for all of the others.”

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

There’s been a lot of concern about “deep fakes,” using machine learning to fabricate video & audio in ways that look & sound convincingly real. A related issue: can we prevent the historical record from being subtly changed without our knowledge?

Blind, screaming, ignorant hedonism got me into this mess. Why can't blind, screaming, ignorant hedonism get me out?

And now that I participated in the imperfect democracy of which I'm a citizen, it's time to share the video "The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained"

Explains clearly why a winner-take-all system is a badly designed voting system and why it always, always converges on a two party system

I'm a little behind the times, but it's a catchy tune worth sharing:

After all the negative attention, SQLite community decided to adopt the "Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines" for their CoC.

Here's a dystopian vision of the future: A real announcement I recorded on the Beijing-Shanghai bullet train. (I've subtitled it so you can watch in silence.)

The Tree of Life Synagogue is holding a fundraiser to support medical bills, funeral costs, and building repairs needed after a Neo-Nazi from shot up the synagogue during Shabbat morning services.

Please turn out to support them if you can. This is one of the worst individual antisemitic attacks in recent American history

I really like "foolish mortals", but I think I'll mix it up with "ugly bags of mostly water" too.

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