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🎶 How many kernels must a coder bisect before they find the breaking change? The answer, my friend, is log2(N) commits. 🎶

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I kid, I kid... I've gotten a lot of mileage out of shells. Very useful tools, just poky and sharp in places. :)

The nice thing about painful lessons in shell scripting is that there are always more painful lessons in shell scripting... Lurking... Biding their time... Waiting for just the right moment... Wait, did I say nice? I meant horrible.

"The Evolution of Human Altruism" is an anthropogeny symposium among many from CARTA that touches on what I mentioned in my previous post:

Frankly, I recommend all their symposia and the videos of all of them are available at no cost.
I consider the transdisciplinary anthropogeny the field where because all disciplines are considered together as a whole, that's where my views are proven as scientific facts: mutual aid, strength though synergetic diversity… anarchism.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Low-Tech Magazine announced that they redesigned their site to be completely solar and off-grid? They also just published an article going into detail about what and how they did it. It's a very interesting read.

This is such a cool project!

Listen, pal—

*leans on trunk of a rusting 1975 camaro and takes a long drag on a cigarette*

I’ll boost your toot if I feel like it. Don’t try to make it a condition of whether or not I agree.

*flicks cigarette and stubs it out with the heel of a cowboy boot*

And definitely don’t make me not boosting it equal to agreeing with something egregious. I reject your constructed binary.

*jumps in driver’s side window and does a donut before squealing out of the parking lot shouting*

My brother just sent me this, which is extremely My Jam.

Favorite website doesn't have a dark mode? Add these two lines in the Stylus extension and it will:

html, img, video { filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg); }
html { background: #fff; text-shadow: 0 0; }

(It works nearly everywhere.)

At my current rate of bisection, I will narrow down the problem in ten days...

Let me say it one more time...

This is what they think you will identify with... This is what they want others to think of you...

This is marginalization of our position in action.

This is what they think of you.

It seems like Solid isn't much different than current decentralization work. I guess it can be useful in the same way, but I am keeping my expectations pretty low at this point.

So TBL's Solid would be more interesting to me if I could find a breakdown of why they think this technology will result in a different outcome than we currently have? Surveillance capitalism could still be a thing. AFICS, our data could still be read and stored and even shared in back channels. Entities we work with don't have to use our pod to store their data. The entities that act as our pods have an enormous amount of power over us and could become targets for breaches.

Bisecting the linux kernel on a Sunday afternoon... I think I may need to seriously reconsider how I spend my time. :/

When younger, I'd think that the real change came from action, destroying or creating the things that need to exist or be destroyed.

Today I understand that the real revolutionary thing to do is to not be ashamed to share good feelings, to be patient with others, to be willing to teach, organize and most importantly learn.

Don't change the world, you can't. You can't change people either.
You can only change yourself. You can set an example.

That is the real revolution.

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