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Full stack developer? Noooo... I'm more of whatchya might call a blown stack developer...

"You do the work, and the Store allows you whatever it wants to allow you. You’re absolutely powerless." #krita #microsoft and #appstores in general

When you let #machinelearning evolve a new floor plan for your elementary school
Interesting work by Joel Simon

Animated wallpapers while writing? GREAT IDEA.

FirstNet recently pitched U.S. Customs and Border Protection to convince the agency to subscribe to the network. In a white paper, FirstNet claims it will provide CBP access to “photographs, real-time audio/video feeds, and databases from other state, local, or Federal agencies, to aid in the identification and apprehension of terrorists, undocumented aliens, and smugglers.” These capabilities would be offered “in times of crisis or simply day-to-day operations.”

It's taken over a year of using git seriously (and sometimes in anger), but I think I've finally moved from "frightened beginner" to "anxious novice". Feels... good...?

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Son: "...the car had droven to..."
Me: "Driven. We say driven, not droven."
Son: "Droven is a gooder word."

#english #language #humor

"New Zealand has passed world-first legislation granting victims of domestic violence 10 days paid leave to allow them to leave their partners, find new homes and protect themselves and their children."

I guess this is the point where I ask for help. If anyone familiar with Rust would like to work with me on a library for the Mastodon API please reach out to me.

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Crowd Supply has posted videos from its recent Teardown event. If you're into that sort of thing:

On my drive to and from work, I've been seeing billboard ads from Apple that show people working on Macs and the ads say "Behind the Mac". I'm tempted to recreate it, but with my second-hand Eee PC that runs Fedora. "Behind FLOSS". Or maybe recreate the photo but with a new tag line: "Working with Freedom".

I need work. If you have use for software development in Python or C, on Linux or Debian, I'm available: short-term contracts, or part-time or full-time employment. I can do coding, and software architecture. I can work remotely. I reside in Finland, if that matters.

I'm really enjoying the new "guix pull", which supports time traveling just like everything else in Guix now. A blogpost on the Guix blog about it:

I need more recordings of speed metal/thrash bands playing surf music (ala Anthrax's "Pipeline" cover); suggestions?

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