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@pho4cexa I just saw this the other day, which is perhaps a "generalization" of your idea.

reposting this because I somehow didn’t realize that I had locked it down the last time. Whoops! But gettin through my watercolor work queue 😤

@natalie I remember when I first got to use flash memory. It was kind of a big deal to not have to juggle a pipeline of UV EPROMs while debugging code. 😆

@ada o/

I think it stems from mostly using grep at the end of a pipeline. The only time I don't do it is when I am doing a recursive grep.

Coding nonsense 

Apparently Python's print(f"...") is close enough to C's printf("...") for my brain to substitute the latter for the former constantly.

Okay, this is probably an even better example of their performance. I'm not an expert by any means, but dang, they all seem absolutely solid performers. Fanny playing "Blind Alley":

Imagine becoming a fan of a band 50 years too late. 😆

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re: computers, social 

@amiloradovsky I'm not sure either, but I think you hit on some of the causes. The job market is hard to ignore. We have been basically throwing bodies against software development problems as software has steadily crept into everything around us.

I should also admit that I dual majored in EE and CS (although only got out with the EE), so my interests, and inability to settle on just one or the other, go back to the beginning. 😆

computers, social 

@amiloradovsky I don't know about in general, but I am probably "computer-minded" and I find those things interesting. So... there's a data point? :)

TFW the ridiculous, usually useless algorithm manages to surface a gem from a band I had never heard of, but geez, I really should've:

(tzag btw)

@requiem No, but I remember spending way to long (maybe almost a workweek) tracking down what I thought was a problem in my Verilog code but turned out to be a little checkbox buried in a dialog inside of Vivado regarding the configuration parameters. I ended up completely rewriting a major module along the way. I mean, the module is better than it was, but *dang it*, that was not the problem. 😆

@alexisvl That's understandable. I guess I've become used to the non-hierarchical schematics. Certainly all my Verilog code is hierarchical, but that's a mildly different beast.

(Which reminds me that I still want to try out SKiDL sometime, but now I will stop since I'm going off on a tangent.)

@fribbledom Some are in my head. At work we have a paper password book for certain things. But the vast majority that I personally use are in a password manager.

@ieure @ifixcoinops I thought that was mainly the storage folks? That way the could embiggen their storage numbers by saying things like a drive was 500MB instead of its actual 476.8MB. Has this escaped and become more mainstream and ridiculous than I realized?

@alexisvl We do try to show connections between symbols on any given page. Of course, that still leaves the connections entering and leaving the page. I find search invaluable these days, but I do have memories of dealing with printed, multi-page schematics in the 90s. Organization, placement, and naming conventions of the nets crossing pages was very important in order not to get frustrated while working on things. 😆

@alexisvl I had a coworker who tried to insist our schematics be on a single page with everything shown connected. The rest of us were like, "It's not the 1950s anymore, and the search function of your PDF viewer is your friend."

I've had this playing for a couple hours and... it's just darned good Web surfing #music:


@craigmaloney We've been lucky in that our kid is too young for school yet, but I've seen the "letters to the editor" 'round here. There is a contingent of parents that really want school to open. I empathize with a lot of it. Many parents are struggling to make ends meet and very stressed out. When you start to look at it, you realize we just have inadequate support for families here, and sadly school's daycare function is possibly more important than its educational function. :/

boring networking issues 

@amiloradovsky I ran into that problem just the other day. Some client on the network had held on to a lease, but the DHCP server handed out the same IP address to another client. We were seeing all sorts of behavior we couldn't explain. We only sorted it out by looking at arp tables and realizing there were two different machines with the same IP address.

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