@brennen Whenever I see statements like this, I am reminded of Alan Kay's quote about the tech industry and pop culture. Now I'm wondering if there's a tech industry equivalent of touring state fairs. :thonking:

Video conferencing would be so much easier if I just didn't have to look at my own face. Just show a circle where my face is so I can get it in view, and I'm good.

Demonstration of the differences between datetime standards ISO 8601 & RFC 3339 (which is simplier) #StandardsNerds

@mike That would probably be fun.

I think algorithmic timelines that put the user in control of the algorithm would be fine. Heck... A Mastodon instance (or your server of choice), with a domain specific language for creating custom timelines...

Then again, maybe I'm too online. :thonking:

Excited to share thoughts on archiving COVID-19 memory websites with @allywang@twitter.com at the upcoming IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2022 later today:


Here is a pre-recoded short video with English and Chinese subtitles:



在今天稍晚的 IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2022 中,研究資料寄存所的成員將分享在典藏 COVID-19 記憶網站的一些想法:




Boredom 2. 

@Cyborgneticz We don't have a tablet in the home, but my kiddo has on occasion been given one to play with by visiting family. Even when playing "age appropriate" educational games, I see their behavior change in negative ways. So I'm going to wait as long as I can, and try to be very deliberate in how I introduce devices. But I know at some point outside pressure is going to push me to get them a phone before I am ready to (I already dealt with this with a now adult child.)

Boredom 2. 

@Cyborgneticz I'm even worried about how these devices are impacting me as an adult.

It would be good if we had more awareness of these issues and a more societal level sense of what is acceptable or desirable way to use these devices with toddlers and children as they grow. (And support for parents, not just guilt.)

Right now it feels like there is pressure to give children things like phones as early as possible. Personally, I'm on board with things like:


That's enough mind blasts for today. Pleasant TZAFs to you all.

@celesteh She donated an Aibo to the Smithsonian?


(Oh, and I see at the bottom of that page confirmation that Cikira and Amanda are probably the same person, but still don't know if it's the person you're looking for.)

@celesteh Oh, she may also have gone by Çikira or Cikira. But I only did some quick grepping, so you'll want to double check.

@celesteh I found an archive of that mailing list here:


I did some quick grepping on the archive. The name Amanda Pehlke quickly popped up around the topic of Aibos.

That may not be the right person, but perhaps you can find what you're looking for in the archive.

An event that may be of interest to #solarpunk & #climatefiction folx:

Join authors Malka Older, Christopher Brown, Eliot Peper, and Andrew Dana Hudson for a conversation on politics and speculative fiction.

🌱 The Topic: 🌱
The politics of climate change, political literature, and the craft of writing speculative fiction about our precarious near future.

🌱The Details: 🌱
On Zoom, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific


Ended up on a bit of an Apple II emulation kick today.

Had some fun with GSplus on Linux, but emulating older MECC titles didn't work as well. Anyone have a decent #AppleII emulator that works on #Linux?

(Boosts welcome)

@brion If they could've just put it at the end. Or maybe wrapped it in the Spanish exclamations. Like maybe:


If you wanna participate (or just watch) in the F37 wallpaper's creation, this is the space to watch 😄


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