@xuv @Olm_e You can sell it (e.g. on a disc or something), but unless you were the original creator, you don't own the copyright. Claiming the content on YouTube is claiming the copyright, correct? Claiming the copyright, and then entering into a licensing agreement with YouTube over that illegitimate claim.

Seems like creators that care about these things, will be forced to register their content with whatever content ID services pop up. Just great.

@lmorchard Typing in programs from magazines? That takes me back. Good ol' paper network...

Anyone got a #FLOSS replacement for "Final Draft" ?

My sister and her fiance are both in theater, and theyve got a lot of content locked up in this proprietary thing. She's been gnashing her teeth hard on this for a few days. I'd like to be able to suggest an alternative but don't know enough about script writing workflows or Final Draft to do so intelligently.

Emacs org mode / Vim witchery / my preferred tools are not what they are looking for here.

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@wezm Oh wow. I love this reverse engineering hack. I need to remember this.

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@gcupc I used to run a mercurial repo inside my svn repos and use the mq extension. I'm sure I was doing it wrong, but it kind of worked. Otherwise I'd capture the diff to a temp file, revert everything, do the other work, then apply the previously saved patch. That also kind of works.

The Story wandered long in the wildnerness of Ideas before finding its first Teller (and the less said about that tryst, the better). It took time to find one that respected it.
That Teller loved the story, helped it grow strong, then let it go, to find Listeners.
Are you one?
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Pleased to announce that we're welcoming the Houdini Project, fundraising software for non-profits, to the Conservancy. Free-as-in-freedom software is critical for organizations that are changing the world. sfconservancy.org/news/2018/no

Anyone know if HTTPS everywhere still uses the EFF SSL Observatory to check for man in the middle attacks?

What does that look like in practice, when it detects something?

Anyone know how that plays out with corporate SSL Inspection?

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"Since the beginning of Chrome we have worked to provide a solid foundation for modern web applications. Those capabilities have enabled new experiences on the web that were never thought possible."

yeah, like browsers struggling to maintain 24fps when scrolling a web page on a top-of-the-line hardware


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