I fell down a hole reading about how New Order wrote "Blue Monday" using a DIY kit sequencer, synthesizers, and drum machines. When I finally crawled out and started dusting off my clothes, I found this fun cover had stuck to me on my way out:


It's pretty wild to watch how often discussions around equality, justice, and human rights get reduced to a perscriptivist vs descriptivist debate around the meanings of certain words.

@craigmaloney Yeah, definitely a low period in personal computing history. Although, having said that, used, cheap, and trashy PC clones enabled me access to computers I wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford... I just had to put up with all this cruft as well. Oh well, at least it's safely in the past now where it can no longer hurt us.

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@requiem @feonixrift That reminds me of holograms, but in reverse. At least in reverse from the way I've seen holograms used for data storage.

This is quite cool, Zotero teaming up with Retraction Watch to automatically identify withdrawn papers in your library


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@neauoire Aah! What is it that the Reiyukai people themselves suggest about this building?

@Gina When it comes to communications, it only takes one (important enough) participant to have a problem to cause everybody to leave for something else. :/

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@garbados I wanted say something funny about this sad situation, but I realized your toot really says it all.

@cwebber On the positive side, it seems like most people so far didn't bat at an eye at your comment. But yeah, that's a troubling response from somebody in a leadership position. :(

@yearofands That one has some "painterly" qualities with the play of light and dark. Very nice!

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@lightweight It's better to know than to be ignorant. We'll never make sense of our present and improve our future if we can't come to grips with our past.

@lightweight Thank you for linking to that story. I was unaware of children's involvement in the civil rights movement.

@craigmaloney Your response is more respectful than they deserved. 👍

@craigmaloney Yes. Definitely a multi-dimensional uphill battle. :(

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