‘Trading privacy for survival is another tax on the poor’

“Personal data is used to deny low-income people access to resources or opportunities, but it’s also used to target them with predatory marketing for payday loans or even straight-up scams.”


Also on our forum: forum.ind.ie/t/trading-privacy

'A recent U.N. report from PACE (Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy) found that electronic waste is the fastest growing part of our waste stream.' via @WIRED@twitter.com
The Right to Repair should become the norm, and not the exception. #WeAreFairphone 📲 bit.ly/2ObhE2x

I had no idea that the early motivation for modems was to enable TTY communication over the acoustic phone network for use by deaf people. I knew the acoustic coupler was a hack to get around the AT&T monopoly that prevented connecting to the network directly, but I had no idea how this monopoly was preventing accessibility. But Mr. Weitbrecht found a way!


While reading this, even though it happened long go, I couldn't help but cheer him on. Go! Go! GO!

New Horizons team made a movie of the MU69 encounter by processing the images from the probe

@davidk01 I have a mathematician friend who would agree with you. Although from what he's told me, he's run into reluctance from all sorts of people who don't understand why they would want to listen to a mathematician. Basically people seem to think they have a handle on things, but as you said, they don't really know "the soul" of their problem nor why they can't get past it. But they also have no idea how a mathematician could help.

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SPIN - God is a DJ (7:34)


... remixing reality.

Amazing composition, in all aspects of the filmmaking. Story, picture composition and framing, pacing, music, acting ...

So much story and interwoven human fates told in so few frames.

Life as a series of events revealing how naive we've been.

@smays I was guilty of that naive thought. In my defense, I was just a young naive person, but still...

@h And here I thought they said DRM would only be used for video. I am shocked. :/

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