@redoak If there's such a thing as perfect timing on here, this was it. 😆

@alexandra Now you've got me thinking about how the processors are like a hardware manifestation of a disassembler. :thonking:

Petrolheads, trying their best to look smart: "but what are you going to do with depleted batteries huh? Checkmate!"

Science: "The cells using recycled cathode materials lasted up to 53 percent longer. (...) The control cells degraded to 80 percent of their original capacity after 3,150 cycles and to 70 percent capacity after 7,600 cycles. At this point, they were done. Meanwhile, the recycled material cells could go through 4,200 cycles before they had degraded to only 80 percent state of charge. They reached an "astonishing" 11,600 cycles before 70 percent was the best they could do."

That must hurt...


A great resource for where things #indieweb and things #Fediverse overlap and build on each other.


@tindall I didn't have 59 seconds, so I played it 2x speed. Time to update the ol' resume...

@ada I wonder if Apple would be willing to sell their chips for DC use, since they don't compete in that market at all. But they'd probably have to open up more than they're comfortable with to allow that to happen. Maybe more likely would be licensing IP, but still I wonder if they have it in them to do that kind of thing?

Then again, even as rich as Apple is, they don't have a lock on talent. If Apple has figured out some things, surely others will eventually get there too.

@craigmaloney I can't even touch my monitor without leaning over. And lifting my arm up to interact with the screen 8 hours a day would seem like a new opportunity for RSI. I guess I could mount it down so it's in my lap...

@ada My guess is that it's because Apple won't be selling their M1 IP to anybody else (for now) and Apple being ARM doesn't seem like much a bullet point for Apple products? If you're looking for an SBC, does it matter that Apple has M1? And if you're looking to put ARM in the data center, it's much the same. I suppose the only place this isn't quite true would be in mobile, but it's not trivial to switch between Apple and Android ecosystems, so the rest of the industry has a little cover.

I see a lot of people on the wider internet going "Fuchsia is the future if you want longer updates on your android phones." As a response to the new pixel announcements.

Meanwhile Fairphone is pledging six years of software updates.

This is *not* a linux kernel problem.

@obsolete29 I think your term "information libertarianism" is probably much better than "information anarchy". When I originally read Rosenzweig's essay, I kept mentally replacing "anarchy" with "chaos" for it to make sense to me.

I'd appreciate a little more warning to get my life in order, Apple.

GitHub hot take (?) 

@theruran I got one of those despite being incredibly inactive in FLOSS development, which revealed to me just how meaningless it is. :/

Fascinating. Evidence for an exoplanet detection in 1917. Article from 2017.

"Carnegie Observatories hosts 250,000 photographic plates taken at Mount Wilson, Palomar and Las Campanas observatories, spanning more than 100 years. [...] [T]hese technological marvels were ahead of their time -- in one case, capturing signs of distant worlds that wouldn't be recognized for a century."


#Astronomy #Exoplanets #History


web dev, system administration, recommendations welcome! 

anyone know a good resource that concisely explains characteristics of good monitoring/alerting setups for devops/sysadmins? e.g. clear, actionable messages with contextual info, in as few locations/channels as reasonable, high SNR, etc?

i feel like i've read on this topic before but nothing i can find or recall specifically rn, and i think my target audience needs a better writer than me, and/or an appeal to authority, to get the message

I've opened registration on approval again.

We are trying to make a healthy, inclusive and moderated space... less a space to talk about the BSDs as to give those communities a chance to socialize, play, share their varied interests and support each other while working to give new people seats at the table. No tech interest required, but we'll help if you want to learn. If that sounds fun, or you have friends here, read the rules(!) and type something human-like in the box and come say hi!

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