@ieure OMG I remember that character from the manual. Awesome. Thanks!

@ieure I just realized that as a teen I had a vastly less powerful Tandy PC-4 I picked up from a HAM swap meet. Apparently all the Tandy hand helds like that were rebranded Sharps. Anyway, my past self is jealous of your PC-1500's graphical capabilities.

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i am trying to swap "god i hate software" from my vocab for "someday, together, we will make good software"

@garbados I like this idea. I think I will try to do the same.

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some people on ssb have been discussing making a distributed wiki conceptually similar to smallest federated wiki. it’s been thrown around in the past but a recent thread got me really interested in making wiki happen myself.

my biggest beef with wiki is the centralized nature of every implementation. even sfw is too serverish for my taste. i want a wiki that behaves like my synced notes app!

@szbalint I noticed several years ago that Chrome made it difficult to distinguish between logging into the browser and logging into Google's service. I haven't tracked how the UX has evolved since then, but I'm sure that didn't help people's understanding of the difference. (That's also when I realized I should stop installing Chrome on the kids' computer.)


Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google Site is tied to logging into Chrome.

(I created a blog for occasions where 500 characters just aren't enough)

Whitehouse staff has completed draft executive order to start #antitrust investigation of #Google, #Facebook & other social media companies. Awaiting Trump signature. 🎉


@Steve "Old-fashioned hologram" is not a phrase I expected to see sincerely spoken in my lifetime.

'I am not the Dread Cryptographer Zimmerman', he said. 'My name is Ryan; I inherited the pad from the previous Dread Cryptographer Zimmerman, just as you will inherit it from me. The man I inherited it from is not the real Dread Cryptographer Zimmerman either. His name was Cummerbund. The real Zimmerman has been retired fifteen years and living like a king in Patagonia.'

@wilfredh Weren't both created in response to the Linux kernel's BitKeeper crisis?

@jjg That's a good point about the confusion between git and Github. There's also a subset of developers that want everything to be on Github so they can fluff up their profile with all their activity. Anyway...

It really would be interesting to extend fossil in ways that allow synchronizing repositories without needing a centralized web presence.

@jjg You're reminding me why I got into fossil the first time. I only moved away from it as I wanted to practice using git. (I wasn't using git at my work at the time.) It's very strange to me that the ideas of fossil haven't been applied to git and hg. But perhaps the "value-add" services were "good enough".

@jjg Yeah, that makes sense. That's the power of fossil anyway, so may as well use it.

@jjg One nice thing about git and hg is that they are relatively easy to set up remote servers with ssh if all you want is replication. Does fossil support simple setups like that?

@bugaevc Then again, to be fair, Apple had a general prohibition against apps that could download and execute other code after being installed. So it could be an extension of that policy with some convenient side effects. :)

@bugaevc I'm not sure, but maybe I don't know what you mean. Widget toolkits aren't really another platform in the way I'm using the term. You can use other toolkits, but you still have to go through Apple's ecosystem and app store, and Apple has ultimate control. An alternate browser can provide a better experience than what Apple provides in Safari and can even start to compete with (and would bypass) Apple's own app ecosystem.

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