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> There once was a singer of old
> Who then broke away from the fold
> He won’t give you up
> He won’t let you down
> In a word you have been limerick-rolled.

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@pho4cexa That is an interesting thought. I only work from home one day a week (I have a stupidly long commute), and part of the reason I don't try to work from home more is that the company isn't really set up for it. We don't have good tools, and I feel out of the loop. I'll have to give this idea some thought. Maybe I can introduce more options.

TFW you have a purring kitty on your lap.

@pho4cexa That's an interesting thought... Although, at some point, you'd hope enough trust would develop that people wouldn't need to see physical presence to know that you are working.

We don't have an official #Inkscape account on Mastodon, but I don't want y'all to miss out on the love. We just announced 0.92.3 here:

I'll select one person for #followfriday: @mairin

Máirín is a free software advocate and a person pushing for making free software to be beautiful and usable. She's inspired a lot of my work on where I think FOSS needs to go in order to be used by real humans.

Her work on teaching digital illustration with Inkscape to girl scouts quite a few years ago also is one of the things that inspired @mlemweb and I's recent workshops on Racket and Scribble!

@satchmoz You know, there's not a whole lot of hardware that I actually appreciate right now. So much of it is disappointing, and apparently designed to last a couple years at most. I suppose I appreciate my 2008 Honda Fit. And I honestly have developed a soft spot for the Asus 1015PX I picked up used a couple of years ago. It is a remarkably portable and useful little computer.

@salixlucida That was hard to read, but I have a new appreciation for how much they deflect and make up things whole cloth.

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@Antanicus @gcupc He is certainly an example I will strive to emulate.

@Antanicus There's definitely a lot of horrible assumptions packed into those statements.

Starting my fifth day of vertigo. 🤢 Not a record yet (that would be three weeks for me), but I think days of vertigo should probably be played like golf. I'm aiming for a low score...

@Antanicus Oh my goodness. Everyday there are new reasons to feel embarrassed for my country...

Job hunting so I get to come up with new reverse-interview questions. My favorite new one that I’ll be using going forward: “tell me about a time your company made a principled choice not to build something that would have been profitable.”