"Oh dear, you have a lot of... things."
The cyborg looked up. "The word is prosthetics."
"So much machinery. Don't you worry you will stop being human?"
"Oh, there is a line I will not cross."
"What line is that?"
"I will not question another person's humanity."
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@emilioalbertoni Wow! That is an intense and beautiful little track. I'm looking forward to hearing more sometime. :)

Hi, this is my first post, I’m trying to leave Meta and I’m looking for a new home to post my music, to meet new people without selling all my personal data and thoughts in change of a bunch of stupid quarrels and ego exhibitions.

A big thank to @m2m to lead me on the right path

Here a taste of my music, I hope you like it


id say the Cray-1 has sufficient diameter to to both sit on and sleep on, in contrast to later, shitter computers that all employ hostile architectural principles

Do you write code for free and open source projects? Would you like to learn the basics of the Rust programming language? I’m offering to teach the basics of Rust to free and open source software programmers, for free.


#Rust #RustLanguage #FOSS #Training

haven't written a proper blog post in years which is a funny thing to admit as someone that wrote their own static site generator for their blog. anyway here's a new post it's about my guix-based workflow for setting up dev environments. dthompson.us/guix-for-developm

@craigmaloney That's some highly concentrated 80s right there. It might need a warning label.

@annika I'm sure there's somebody somewhere that can explain the logic behind the idea of a tax write-off for vaulting media, but right now, I'm enjoying basking in the mind-bogglingness of incentivizing and subsidizing artificial scarcity. o_O

Especially versus trying to use one of my pocket knives for every cutting task that comes before me.

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I've come to this late in life, but you know, I finally developed an appreciation for a good pair of scissors. Very useful tools.

(In work and life. If you can swing it. No pressure, of course.)

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I hit the road after that and drove a few more hours before sleeping at a different rest stop. I hope they figured out how to get where they were going, and I thank them again now for the gift of the bread, which nourished more than just my body and was sorely needed at the time.

Good night, all you wonderful people. See you soon. Remember! Make time to have fun!

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Eventually I said I needed to get going, we had been talking nearly an hour. But before I hit the road again, the gentlewoman went back to the bus and came back with half a loaf of freshly baked bread and gave it to me (she had found out I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast). Just as I was stepping back into my van, the gentleman waved at me and yelled across the rest stop from his bus emphasizing the theme from his stories, "Remember! Make time to have fun!" He meant in work and life.

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I enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with what I was being told. Although I can't remember the specifics of what all he told me now, I do remember he was some sort of materials scientist and there was a theme to his stories. He went on for a while. I was enjoying their company.

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When I got done "freshening up", they were still at the map and we somehow started talking to each other. We all introduced ourselves and briefly talked about where we were going.

The gentleman then started telling me three or four different stories about himself more ore less at the same time. He jumped back and forth between these narratives, switching between them unpredictably (with the gentlewoman interjecting elements as well).

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They appeared to be in their late 50s or maybe early 60s and were driving a school bus that been converted into an RV. They were looking at the rest stop map talking about which way the should go, apparently concerned about what the bus could handle.

I remember my first impression of the bearded gentleman was that he seemed a little bit jumpy, but otherwise worried me much less than the other characters around at the rest stop that night.

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I just remembered a wonderful couple I met long ago at 9 PM at a rest stop while I was driving too hard across the country in an '83 Chevy utility van with just my cat for company and no destination. South along the west coast was the extent of my plans in the moment.

@pixelherodev @dthompson That was just sitting there under my nose, and I couldn't see it. And it's so beautiful... It's still ML. 😆

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