<< The rest of the country knows George Floyd from several minutes of cell phone footage captured during his final hours. But in Houston’s Third Ward, they know Floyd for how he lived for decades—a mentor to a generation of young men and a “person of peace” ushering ministries into the area. >>

Time to finally announce the big project I've been working on for the past several weeks - Sector Disk!

Sector Disk is a platform where users can own the individual, physical sectors on a 3.5" 1.44MB disk and write whatever they want to to them for people to see! :p It's like a message board on a floppy disk!

I'm officially accepting public signups starting now and accounts will officially go live starting TOMORROW @ midnight May 30th (UTC)

Please join! :D

electronics noobie project help 

electronics noobie project help 

RT @BrennanSpiegel
This graph is amazing. It shows that measuring #SARSCoV2 levels in municipal sewage almost perfectly predicts forthcoming #COVID19 cases with a full week's notice (R=0.994). It's one of several discoveries in this new study from @Yale: C-19 is #InThePoop

@joeyh I would definitely prefer it. That's also the reason why I don't use a picture of myself in social media profiles, so maybe I'm a bit extreme in my preference?

@gedvondur @djsundog The sound was definitely better, but I do miss some of those expansive vinyl sleeves. Those tiny CD inserts never really had the same impact visually or viscerally.

Small repair victory 

Recently the .org domain was almost sold to a private equity firm.

Internet heavyweights, like the head of Wikimedia, fought to have the domain owned as a instead.

They blocked the sale and now plan to democratise large parts of the internet.

My new article on blog.

@vertigo I have a design where 100ms is kind of the "basic unit of time". Unfortunately simulating the entire design for 100ms takes 12 hours or more. When I'm in a situation where I have to do that, I always try to kick those simulations off to run overnight and cross my fingers that I'm not disappointed later. :/

@requiem Also, we're in the bad position of having to be "negative" when everybody else in the room is excited and positive.

@requiem I think we're fighting an uphill battle against a massive marketing budget. Not to say that we shouldn't try...

Small repair victory 

@cwebber I wonder what sorts of interaction would be enabled if keyboards came standard with pressure sensitivity input on nearly any key. 🤔

death, losing a friend 

So... random websites can port scan my computer now. That's... not really something I expected.

@djsundog Well, I didn't have a record player, but that didn't stop me from buying some vinyl records many years ago. One of them was "Switched-On Bach" that I stumbled across in a thrift store in Billings, Montana, but still... Anyway, I have everything under control now though.

The Mediocre Programmer

This book is about helping you along on the journey of being a mediocre programmer. Together we'll uncover some of common misconceptions we have about programming, failure, and growth and come to understand that the act of programming and development is something we undertake each day and improve in small ways. It's these small changes that over time transform us from being mediocre programmers into better programmers.


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