@randomgeek Yeah, and catch up with them over some coffee and pastries...

@ieure Oh wild and absolutely frustrating. My sister has a hyphenated first name. I'll have to ask her if she's run into these kinds of problems. :/

nearlyfreespeech, uspol, antiracism 

blog.nearlyfreespeech.net/2021 this is a fantastic middle finger and maybe i'll just quote that last paragraph into every ToS document i have access to

@dwardoric If you don't have access to the original C64 hardware, the FluxEngine project might be worth a look.


A Compiler Writing Journey

In this Github repository, I'm documenting my journey to write a self-compiling compiler for a subset of the C language. I'm also writing out the details so that, if you want to follow along, there will be an explanation of what I did, why, and with some references back to the theory of compilers...



@craigmaloney I've been using a systemd for a product at work. I have become more familiar with it over time, but I can't say that familiarity has led to comfort. The more I use it, the more unease I feel about it. Part of it is just the scope, but the other part I have come to realize is that the configurable surface is large, but not programmable. You define a large complex system with INI files scattered around, and when you run into problems, you hope systemd devs gave you an option.


I need to listen to or read Amanda Gorman's poem "The Hill We Climb" again.

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I enjoyed Lady Gaga's performance. And her dress was bold but tasteful.

@trashheap Good point. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit. 😆

@trashheap My guess is that there is a degree of intention to the move. I got the impression that RH was making hints about free tiers when they announced the changes to CentOS. Or maybe that's just me projecting my predictions at the time.

@ArneBab I went looking for this toot earlier and couldn't find it. But since you just boosted it, I wanted to thank you for posting that information. It was very helpful recently when I needed to shrink a video so I could email it to family! Thank you!

We've also launched an early version of Inkscape 1.1 alpha for testing!

Calling early adopters to help us test and provide your feedback to improve the major release in the spring.

Read more & download the alpha here:


@flancian By the way, I didn't mean to try to restrict what you post here to only those topics. People post all kinds of things here, and I think that's fine. :)

@flancian If you mean projects and interests for social.coop, I'm not aware of a directory (but that doesn't mean there isn't one). I think, in general, people are broadly interested in cooperative and mutual-aid topics here.

As far as figuring out whether you are annoying people, hopefully people here will speak up politely and let you know if that was the case. :)

Computer DNS gripe 

@craigmaloney Turning off LLMNR had the affect of causing it to go straight for the FQDN. I'd be curious to hear about your .local suffix issue because it could be a similar thing to the FQDN.

(However, I also realize I should fix my home DNS service. :/ )

Computer DNS gripe 

@craigmaloney I didn't think so, but it could be related. I got frustrated enough that I deployed wireshark. When I tried a bare hostname, it would try to resolve it with LLMNR, which nothing on my network respond to. That fails, so it would then try with a FQDN DNS search on my router, which is a sucky little thing that doesn't seem to know to associate the domain I tell it to hand out with the DNS queries it receives. It handles the bare names, but not the FQDN.

@flancian Everything we post here shows up on the local timeline unless we set our toots to not be "public" in some fashion. For instance, you can use "unlisted". I use "unlisted" sometimes when I don't want something to be private, but I don't think people on social.coop would be interested. It would be nice if we had some better options than that.

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