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Today's recommendation algorithm deployments seem more like this to me:

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Luckily I bought this ridiculous digital multimeter/clock/thermometer/Bluetooth speaker a little while ago, so we have tunes while we do puzzles with the kiddo.

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Home maintenance 

We took a short trip with the kiddo, but came home a day early as none of us were getting sleep. So I finally had time to deal with a bit of a rot problem on our deck. It took the standard 3 extra trips to the hardware store. I'm mostly amazed I was able to do demolition without causing more damage. The bad state of the wood helped quite a bit. You could tear a lot of it apart with your bare hands. I'm glad I got it done, but there's always more to do. Buh.

And this is my haul this evening from our creeping raspberry plant. The others don't seem to like them, so they're all mine.

Cool spider 

At least I think it's cool. I came across this one while pulling weeds on my team's landscape day at work (the company has been running an experiment with doing our own landscaping at work). Anyway, I'm not from around these parts, so the species is unfamiliar to me. I didn't see it at first because its web was placed right in the middle of some weeds with yellow flowers I was pulling. I nearly grabbed it accidentally. Whatever it is, it seems to be a chonky, happy one. search bug? 

Putting a forward slash in's search box seems to always result in an Elasticsearch error. I wonder how many times I've run into that before I noticed it today? I think I ran into it yesterday trying to search for a title with CP/M in it. Surprisingly searching for "cp m" actually returns a reasonable set of results.

(Makes me a little worried there's an input sanitation issue.)

Also I found these sweet 20MHz Motorola 68K parts nearby! I have no idea what I was planning on doing with them! 😆

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I finally got around to digging out the GBC I used for the brief time I was a game developer. I want to share with the kiddo the silly "Blue's Clues" game I helped make. On a lark, I decided to check Ebay, and found this listing for sealed in box for $99:

I still have the one the company gave me. Hmmm... :thonking:

Doing some computer housecleaning 

That time I was preparing a presentation to explain the "high assurance boot" (a secure boot with a TM) of the i.MX6 to my fellow nerd coworkers.

I was going through my "projects" folder, which mostly consists of things started and not finished, and for the life of me I cannot recall why I created this ugly clock. I mean, it's a hand crafted svg... What the heck was I doing? (I didn't include a README.)

If you find yourself needing to put in some t-posts, be sure you have one of these drivers handy. They make short work of things. This one belonged to my grandfather.

This was taken in the middle of the ice melting off the trees. I have some audio of the cacophony being produced as ice chunks rained down from above, but the picture alone seemed nicer.

Merry Christmas (if that's your thing) 

I haven't been up to anything I consider creative for a very long while, but I thought I'd share a Christmas card I created, had printed, and sent to friends and family back in 2009. This feels like a lifetime ago for me. I did offend at least one person with it that I know of, but they still talk to me. May your Christmas be as merry as possible considering the circumstances. And if Christmas isn't your thing, may you have good health and cheer.

I spent the morning replacing my parents' bathroom sink. 

Their old one was a variety I had never seen that started leaking from the overflow, which was basically a drip pan that had been glued on to the side of it. Anyway, they'd been without a bathroom sink for a while. I was finally able to get in there and replace it. It didn't even require extra trips to the hardware store, and I only sprayed myself in the face with water once. That's gotta be the smoothest house project for me so far.

Doodle cw: tiny cartoon gun and cop 

Old doodle I came across as I was cleaning out some folders of papers. Apparently I had a concept for a yet another CSI show.

Personal wildfire update 

I saw the sun today! A sign that this will eventually end...

This morning's air quality 🤢 

The air quality had been hovering in the merely unhealthy for a day or so, but we're now in hazardous territory this morning.

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